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Namyang Delta Co Ltd instantly rewards high-performance collectives, individuals

MONDAY, 18/03/2019 15:15:45

Over the past time, Namyang Delta Co., Ltd. (expanded Dai An industrial zone, Hai Duong city) has paid attention to implementing regimes and policies for its employees.

The company often visits and presents gifts to disadvantaged families and workers suffering from life-threatening diseases.

It offers the 13th month's salary and daily or weekly bonuses worth tens of million dong depending on orders to high-performance collectives and individuals, 60 buses to daily transport the workers, and sufficient tools ensuring labor safety and hygiene.

The company also organizes cultural, musical, and sport exchanges for the employees on the occasion of major holidays.

This year, the company needs to recruit about 1,000 more workers.

With all capital from South Korea, the company has operated since 2011 and specializes in designing, producing, and processing garments.



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