Taking care of each OCOP product

TUESDAY, 22/09/2020 15:42:51

With the goal of achieving the highest ranking in the 2020 One Commune-One Product (OCOP) program, producers are actively completing appraisal documents.

Hoang Giang JSC. sent five kinds of green bean cakes bearing Hoang Gia brand to this year's OCOP program

Taking initiative

In 2019, Phu Loc glutinous rice wine of Phu Loc Wine Co., Ltd. in Cam Vu commune, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province, was recognized as a 4-star OCOP product with the highest score among participating products.

From this advantage, this year, the company has registered five other outstanding products, consisting of Docynia indica wine and four kinds of cai hoa vang glutinous rice wine.

Right at the beginning of the year, apart from improving production quality, the company paid attention to developing product dossiers to participate in OCOP selection.

Not only sufficient papers and legal procedures, the firm also prepared a visual presentation on the production and business process to increase persuasiveness. By mid-September, the company had fulfilled about 80% of requirements for OCOP products.

"After having achieved the 4-star OCOP title, 500 ml 30% ABV Phu Loc glutinous rice wine bottles got more development opportunities. Therefore, we expect that this year, our company's other products will also earn four stars and then five stars at national level," affirmed Hoang Huu Phong, Head of the company's Sales Department.

Thanh Nhan pure kudzu flour of Bui Van Thanh individual producer in Thuong Quan commune has been a famous brand name of Kinh Mon provincial town for years but returned empty-handed from the 2019 OCOP.

It is not because the product has poor quality or competitiveness but because the OCOP targets method and synchronicity. The star rating of each OCOP product must be based on law, not trust. However, this is the weakness of individual households.

Learning from the previous year's experience, this year, Thanh's family has proactively prepared a dossier with sufficient papers on food safety and hygiene, environmental impact assessment, production and business plans, etc. thanks to support from specialized agencies.

"This time, I believe my family's kudzu flour will become an OCOP product. Then, Thanh Nhan kudzu flour will get a foothold in the market. This is a long-time wish of my family," said Thanh.
Active support

Phu Loc cai hoa vang glutinous rice wine has many advantages in the OCOP playground

The OCOP program has been implemented in Hai Duong in fairly unfavorable conditions.

2019 was the first year of implementation; hence, everything was rushed without careful preparation. 

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected connection between producers and appropriate authorities to reach agreement on concerned issues.

However, it does not make the OCOP playground cool off. The proof is an increasing number of participants with strong and highly potential products. There were only 55 registered products at first but 84 later, double the previous year.
Dao Quang Chuyen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Giang JSC. in Hai Duong city, assessed that despite its newness, the OCOP program had built up confidence among producers.

The OCOP product selection process is professional and methodical with all ranked products outstanding and typical in both quality and design.

Therefore, this year, the company has tried its strength at this playground with five kinds of green bean cakes bearing Hoang Gia brand.

"After registration for participation, we were thoroughly guided and counseled on OCOP requirements and conditions by authorities and specialized units," said Chuyen.

"Assigned professional staff always accompanied our company to complete necessary procedures in accordance with regulations as soon as possible. Hence, though having participated for the first time, we are confident that our products will achieve the 4-star OCOP title."

Owners of participating products have basically accomplished solid criteria and are fulfilling soft ones to increase opportunities to raise points.

According to a leader of the provincial Rural Development Sub-department (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), previously, the unit and a consultancy reviewed and assessed each product in reality.

Regarding products yet to satisfy many criteria, the sub-department suggested their owners withdraw from this year's program to have more time for preparation so that their products would be strong and able to compete in the coming years.

Meanwhile, specialized agencies will pay attention to and follow up products with the opportunity to get star rankings from registration to selection.
It is expected that this November, the provincial OCOP Product Assessment and Ranking Council will appraise and rank the agricultural products registered to participate in the 2020 OCOP program.



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