Surveying enterprises about 7 departments, branches and 4 localities

TUESDAY, 16/10/2018 14:39:32

The assessment will last from October to the end of December 2018.

The Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee has allowed the Department of Planning and Investment to preside and coordinate with the Statistics Office and the Industrial Zones Authority to survey enterprises in the province about PCI sub-indexes.

Objects of assessment are 11 units, including seven departments and branches, namely the Departments of Planning and Investment, Natural Resources and Environment, Transport, Construction, and Taxation, the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority, and the Provincial Social Insurance, and four localities, namely Hai Duong city, Chi Linh provincial town, and the districts of Kinh Mon and Cam Giang.

The assessment will last from October to the end of December 2018.

As proposed by the Department of Planning and Investment, the survey will focus on information related to transparency and access to information, time costs and regulatory compliance, informal charges, policy bias, proactivity of provincial leadership, etc.

The survey will be conducted indirectly by mail with two kinds of questionnaires: enterprises' opinions about the departments and branches and enterprises' opinions about district People's Committees.



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