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FRIDAY, 23/07/2021 15:28:03

Attention is being paid to developing "former exam tourism" in Hai Duong since the province's cultural tourism resources are very abundant.

The Management Board of Chi Linh Relics recreates the former examination site at Chu Van An temple to lure tourists (file photo)

With dense cultural relics associated with the examination tradition, "former exam tourism" is drawing attention and being turned into a special tourism product only available in a few places by Hai Duong authorities.

Association with studious tradition

Minh Ngoc is a pupil of Nguyen Trai Senior High School for the Gifted in Hai Duong city. Though majoring in natural subjects, she is fond of learning about history and culture.

"Hai Duong is home to relics associated with learning and exams under feudalism, typically Mao Dien temple of literature, teacher Chu Van An temple, etc.," said Minh Ngoc.

"I think if there is a tourism program to learn about former exams, many people, especially the younger generation, will like and further understand the studious tradition in Hai Duong."

According to the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, more and more people are interested in the examination tradition of the land.

Apart from Mao Dien temple of literature and the temple of teacher Chu Van An, there are Mo Trach doctor village in Tan Hong commune, Binh Giang district, the temple of first doctoral laureate of two countries Mac Dinh Chi in Nam Tan commune, Nam Sach district, and the temple of doctoress Nguyen Thi Due in Van An ward, Chi Linh city.

Attention is being paid to developing "former exam tourism" in Hai Duong since the province's cultural tourism resources are very abundant.

Hai Duong is famous for studious and examination traditions, leading the country in the number of high passers with 498 Confucian doctors, including 11 first doctoral laureates. Many of them were celebrities in the fields of politics, military, science, literature, diplomacy, etc. like Tue Tinh, Mac Dinh Chi, Pham Su Manh, Le Canh Tuan, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Quy Tan, etc. Especially, Nguyen Thi Due is considered the first doctoress in the national history.

Hai Duong's "former exam tourism" resources are also unique, special, and outstanding.

For example, the studious tradition of Mo Trach doctor village is considered a valuable asset of the country. The place is home to 39 successful candidates obtaining the Confucian doctor title. Mo Trach is honored as the doctor village of Vietnam. At village scale, Mo Trach has the largest number of doctors in Hong river delta.

In addition, there is Mao Dien temple of literature - a place to honor learning in the province and a center to train talents for the country, or the temple of Chu Van An – a typical teacher of Vietnamese education, etc.

Tourism product development

Nguyen Hoai Thoa, Head of the Tourism Management Division under the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said the development of "former exam" tours was a concern and a task of those working in the field of tourism in Hai Duong.

Over the past years, the sector has oriented the development of travel products and programs for one-day thematic and special liking tourism within the province named "Vietnamese examination path".

The tour takes place from Hai Duong city to Mo Trach doctor village, Mao Dien temple of literature, the temple of teacher Chu Van An, and Nguyen Thi Due temple.

In addition, there are themes following the "Vietnamese examination path" tour from Mo Trach doctor village to Mao Dien temple of literature and Nguyen Thi Due temple.

Participating in "former exam" tours, visitors can learn about the studious tradition, vestiges, and legends related to Vu – Vo family and doctors in Mo Trach village. At other destinations, tourists can learn about feudal examinations.

However, there remain a lot of difficulties in implementation. For instance, Mo Trach is honored as a doctor village of Vietnam but tourism products have only been developed to the sightseeing level. This means that the tourism products are not commensurate with the historical and cultural values preserved.

This situation has also appeared at Mao Dien temple of literature and Chu Van An and Nguyen Thi Due temples. Gifts there are still monotonous, so hardly impressive to visitors.

There is almost no connection between the tourist attractions. Only small tourist activities take place at the above-mentioned destinations.

Developing "former exam tourism" means improving value to deserve the examination tradition of Hai Duong in the past and at present. Therefore, connecting tourist destinations, designing specific gifts, enhancing service quality, strengthening promotion, etc. will be measures to develop Hai Duong tourism, including "former exam tourism," in the coming time.



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