Seven industrial clusters to be added to planning

THURSDAY, 06/08/2020 10:02:34

Hai Duong provincial authorities will add seven industrial clusters (IC) covering a total area of over 480 ha in Hai Duong city and the districts of Thanh Mien, Cam Giang, and Thanh Ha to planning.

That is a content of the conclusion of the provincial People's Committee chairman which has just been issued after a meeting of the provincial People's Committee leaders on July 27.

Specifically, Hai Duong city will have two more ICs, namely Tien Tien-Telin Park with an area of 75 ha in Tien Tien commune and West Viet Hoa with an area of 66.2 ha in Viet Hoa ward.

Thanh Mien district will have Hong Quang-Tan Trao IC 75 ha in area in Hong Quang and Tan Trao communes.

Cam Giang district will have Thanh Dat IC covering an area of 54 ha in Cao An and Dinh Son communes and Lai Cach town.

Thanh Ha district will have three more ICs of Hong Lac, Hong Lac II, and Hong Lac III with an area of 75 ha, 75 ha, and 60 ha, respectively, in Hong Lac commune.

The Department of Industry and Trade will finalize a dossier and make a report for the provincial People's Committee to perfect and submit the content to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration and decision.



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