Power consumption rises

FRIDAY, 03/04/2020 10:15:38

In the 1st quarter, over 1,330 billion kWh of electricity were consumed in Hai Duong province, up nearly 79,500 kWh over the same period last year.

Two fields posted high increases in power consumption are industry – construction with close to 961,700 kWh consumed, a surge of over 58,000 kWh, and consumption with more than 312,638 kWh consumed, a rise of nearly 14,500 kWh.

According to Hai Duong Power One-member Co., Ltd., not until mid-March did the impact of Covid-19 on enterprises become obvious, some of them had to reduce production and working time. Therefore, in the 1st quarter, electricity consumption still rose.

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, students had to stay home from school, so domestic power consumption also sharply increased.



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