Path to Han bridge – double joy

THURSDAY, 16/07/2020 16:18:01

The construction of a path to Han bridge from road 5B to national highway 37 in Nam Sach district has finished on schedule.

The path to Han bridge connects two major national highways, ensuring favorable travel of people and socio-economic development. Photos: Thanh Chung

Aside from convenient travel, the route has opened up a great opportunity for the local socio-economic development.

Great opportunity

Together with hundreds of other households, Dang Van Thuy's family was hidden at the end of a village, close to the field of An Thuong hamlet, Nam Chinh commune, for years.

With the path to Han bridge crossing the village, his family and neighbors are now having roadside houses without much ado.

As soon as the road construction finished, people sporadically came asking to buy land. The value of fallow grassy land plots suddenly increased because An Thuong hamlet is now only about 1 km from national highway 37.

"No one ever thought of a day when they could live and do business on the road side instead of living in the remote area for life. With the road, people will travel, transport goods, and develop services more favorably," Thuy cheerfully said.

Not only residents of Nam Chinh commune, many others of the communes crossed by the route, namely Hong Phong, Nam Hong, An Son, Nam Trung, and Quoc Tuan, also cannot hide their joy.

Previously, one must take tortuous routes to national highway 37 or Hai Duong city, but now, it is much more convenient.

Nguyen Van Tuan in An Son commune believed that the path would be a favorable condition for locals to develop services and transport. Economy and society in the communes run through by the route would even develop better than other localities of the district in a short time.

"Agriculture in this area will also develop. In the past, it was difficult to transport farm produce, so many people were not interested. Now, cars can park right next to the road to buy agricultural products; therefore, people will definitely invest more in agriculture," Tuan affirmed.
The route has a more special meaning since the construction of it finished right on the occasion of the 80th founding anniversary of Nam Sach Party organization (July 20, 1940 – 2020) and the district receiving the new-style rural district title after years of striving.

Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee Nguyen Khac Tien said the use of the path to Han bridge at that time was double happiness of the Party, authorities, and people from all walks of life in the district.

Though during the route construction, the construction unit encountered a number of ground difficulties, thanks to close coordination of the district authorities and relevant units in propaganda and mobilization, families whose land must be recovered supported and created conditions for the project to be completed on schedule.

The new road opened up a new opportunity. It not only runs through six communes but also is a traffic axis connecting the region and completing the district road system, contributing to promoting socio-economic development in neighboring localities as well as the entire Nam Sach district.

Traffic connection

There are sufficient signal lights, speed bumps, etc. on the path to Han bridge. In the photo: Construction and Investment JSC. No. 18 has basically finished painting road markings

Han bridge across the Thai Binh river connecting national highway 5 from Hai Duong city to national highway 37's section in Nam Sach district is about 10.7 km long.

Han bridge and the path from it to road 5B, about 4.5 km long, was put into operation on October 22, 2015.

To increase connection among the two national highways, Hai Duong city, Nam Sach district, and other localities, a project to build a path linking Han bridge with national highway 37 from road 5B in Hong Phong commune to national highway 37 in Quoc Tuan commune was commenced in 2018.

The work was built in a BT form with a total length of 6.28 km. This is a 12m-wide 3rd-grade plain road with a designed speed of 80km/ h and a 7m-wide road surface for motor vehicles.

A representative of the investor said upon the route completion, people's travel would be much more convenient than before since there are five intersections of the route and roads 5B and Quan Son, the path to President Ho Chi Minh memorial site, provincial road 390, and national highway 37.

During implementation, because the route runs through many ditches serving the irrigation of fields in the district irrigational system, the construction unit arranged drainage sewers across the road in accordance with the local irrigation planning.

Dang Xuan Hien, a supervisor of Construction and Investment JSC. No. 18 (representative of the investor), said not only quality and estheticism, a traffic safety system was also fully arranged in the entire route.

Traffic organization and safety designing complies with current national technical standards of road signs, and there are sufficient speed bumps at the intersections.

According to a leader of the Transport Department, the path to Han bridge from road 5B to national highway 37 will make an important contribution to easing the pressure of vehicle density for national highway 37, guaranteeing traffic safety.

A large number of vehicles will go through this route because the distance from Hai Duong city to Chi Linh city will be shortened by 7 – 8 km compared to the old route.

A public traffic system will also be exploited there since the road crosses many densely populated areas. Therefore, bus stops and shelters will be designed along the road.

It is forecast that the density of vehicles will increase rapidly; therefore, the assurance of traffic safety on this section also receives special attention.

Apart from signs, road markings, sign posts, and speed bumps, signal lights have been arranged at all intersections to ensure favorable and safe travel of people.



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