Number of customers installing solar power systems nearly triples

THURSDAY, 27/08/2020 21:25:26

According to Hai Duong Power One Member Co., Ltd., 271 customers in Hai Duong province have installed solar power systems, nearly triple the figure at the end of 2019.

There are 103 customers in Hai Duong city, 22 in Gia Loc district, etc. Households in Nam Sach district and Kinh Mon provincial town have yet to install solar power systems.

Since early this year, electricity output from solar panels on the grid has reached 326,085 kWh, nearly three times higher than the whole year of 2019.

Most customers installed solar power systems for resale to the power sector at a price of VND2,164/kWh for those installing solar power systems before June 30, 2019 and VND1,940/kWh after that date.



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