May industrial production keeps rising

FRIDAY, 28/05/2021 08:41:34

This May, the industrial production index of Hai Duong province has increased by 0.2% over the previous month and 17% year on year.

The provincial industrial production kept rising stably. Many industries posted high increases compared to the same period like mining with a surge of 25.3%, electricity production and distribution (18.2%), processing and manufacturing (17.2%), etc.

The reason is that Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power Plant entered the market at the end of 2020, resulting in an increase of 20.6% in production electricity output.

Besides, higher domestic and international demands led to higher production of cement, coke, iron, and steel.

According to the provincial Statistical Office, though Covid-19 continued to outbreak in many localities, thanks to experience from the previous anti-epidemic waves, Hai Duong still effectively realized the dual goal of epidemic fighting and socio-economic development.


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