Many power saving measures in response to Earth Hour

THURSDAY, 22/03/2018 12:15:42

30,000 leaflets on power saving measures have been distributed, and all decorative lights and 50 - 70% of lights on Hai Duong City's streets will be turned off in response to the Earth Hour.

In response to this year's Earth Hour, Hai Duong Power One Member Co., Ltd. has distributed 30,000 leaflets to guide people on power saving measures, such as turning off unnecessary electric equipment, limiting the use of electricity during peak hours, etc.

On this occasion, the company has hung nearly 200 banners propagandizing power saving at 110kV substations and industrial park gates and on some streets of Hai Duong City, Chi Linh Provincial Town, and district towns.

The unit has dispatched official documents to nearly 100 enterprises consuming much electricity like Vicem Hoang Thach Cement One Member Co., Ltd., Tan Nguyen Metallurgy JSC., Regent Garment Factory Ltd., etc. to propagandize the sense of saving and mobilize the enterprises to engage in the Earth Hour on March 24.

In response to the event, which is taking place from 8.30 - 9.30 pm on March 24, Hai Duong Urban Work Management JSC. will switch off all decorative lights and 50 - 70% of lights on Hai Duong City's streets.

In 2017, the company spent VND152 million in replacing all 70W-100W incandescent bulbs for lighting of Nguyen Trung Truc, Ly Nam De, and Ly Cong Uan streets with 50W LED lights, and 150W-250W lights on Mac Thi Buoi and Hoang Van Thu streets with 100W lights (all these streets are located in Hai Duong City).

As a result, the operating cost fell by one third compared to the past.

In addition, the company seasonally regulates the time to turn on lights and alternately switches on lights on double roads.



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