Luscious guava juice

TUESDAY, 07/09/2021 13:31:32

Thanh Ha Guava Co., Ltd. in Hai Duong city has released juice products made from Thanh Ha guava with the brand name OTH.

Thanh Ha guava juice has been released in Hai Duong market for the first time

This is the first enterprise in the province to have juiced guava, opening up a new direction for Thanh Ha guava.

Director of the company Dao Quang Chien said he ate guava during a visit to Lien Mac commune and was very impressed by its deliciousness.

After research, Chien knew that guava was cultivated in large areas in many other communes in Thanh Ha and could be provided for the market all year round. However, sometimes, the price was high, but some other times, people had to dump or sell guava at very low prices.

In 2020, members of the company did their own research and asked for support from many scientists and experts with extensive experience in food and agricultural product processing to test the production of guava juice. They failed more than 20 times, losing hundreds of millions of dong.

"In the past, there was a business that wanted to turn guava into juice but failed because it will be unfeasible if only normal fruit processing technology is applied," said Chien.

"Making juice from guava is not as easy as other fruits since it ferments, subsides, and foams very easily and the nutritional composition of guava is very diverse."

Not until the end of 2020 was guava juice successfully tested.

Consumers can opt for the enterprise's 100%, 35%, or 20% guava juice or guava syrup packed in 250 – 300ml glass and plastic bottles.

The company has produced 20,000 bottles for offer.

At first, the firm faced many difficulties in approaching markets and consumers, especially when the epidemic was still complicated. Therefore, it actively conducted propaganda on the mass media, its fanpage, and some e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Postmart.

Some units and individuals have contacted the company to take samples for offer in the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, the US, etc.

"If there are favorable markets for OTH guava juice products, the selling price of fresh guava will also be stable," said Luong Thi Cuc, a member of Nam Vu Clean Agriculture Cooperative in Lien Mac commune.

The enterprise has spent nearly VND3 billion in building a workshop covering more than 300 ha in Dong Lac commune, Nam Sach district, and installing a modern and automatic production line with the stages of cold pressing, vacuum degassing, heat shock for antisepsis, etc.

With this new technology, only 10 technicians are needed to run production with a pressing capacity of about 2.8 tons to gain 3,000 bottles of guava juice/ hour.

The firm is contracting with Nam Vu Clean Agriculture Cooperative and guava cultivation regions meeting VietGAP standard for guava. The company buys at market prices and supports preliminary processing with VND2,000/ kg.

After preliminary processing at the cooperative, guava is transported to the workshop with modern processing processes.

Products are luscious and rich in vitamin C, potassium, and minerals, helping to strengthen resistance and suitable to all ages, people with diabetes, dieters, etc.

The firm hopes that Lien Mac commune authorities will soon arrange land to assist it with the construction of a workshop there to facilitate purchase and guava juice production.



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