Kinh Mon develops tourism

MONDAY, 12/07/2021 16:15:57

Dubbed as a land of extraordinary people with charming scenery and plentiful relics and beautiful sites, Kinh Mon provincial town is focusing on exploiting advantages to develop tourism and increase locals' incomes.

The statue of Tran Hung Dao at Cao An Phu temple is a spiritual destination of many tourists

Rich potential

There are 202 relics evenly located across Kinh Mon provincial town. Among 37 rated relics, there are one special national relic complex, 17 national relics, and 19 provincial ones. Most of the national and provincial relics have been restored.

Standing out is the special national relic complex of An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nam Duong, recognized by the Prime Minister in 2016. The complex covers an area of nearly 2,030 ha in 12 wards and communes with many relics of spiritual and historical significance.

Built on An Phu mountain range in Tran dynasty to worship An Sinh Lord Tran Lieu, father of Hung Dao Great Lord Tran Quoc Tuan, Cao An Phu temple is an attractive spiritual destination of visitors.

Kinh Chu cave in Duong Nham limestone mountain range is called one of six most beautiful caves in Vietnam. Apart from the main cave, there are many small but unique ones like Vang, Luon, Tien Su, etc. More than 40 epitaphs directly carved on walls are attractive to visitors to Kinh Chu cave.

Nham Duong mountain is also home to dozens of caves in which objects of prehistoric times are still preserved, drawing the attention of archaeologists and tourists.

Aside from the abundant relics, the provincial town's tourism infrastructure is relatively guaranteed. There are 34 accommodation trading facilities with 485 qualified rooms.

Kinh Mon's synchronous traffic system facilitates people's travel and regional connection in economic as well as tourism development.

Roads to relics, especially the special national relic complex of An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nam Duong, have been repaired and upgraded, ensuring the safety of large numbers of sightseers and worshippers.

In addition to the inherent potential, Kinh Mon also has the advantage of being adjacent to Chi Linh city, which is home to the special national relic complex of Con Son – Kiep Bac, close to Quang Ninh's Yen Tu tourist area, etc., which can be combined to form attractive spiritual tours.

Exploitation in focus

Kinh Mon authorities will develop spiritual tourism in association with agricultural tourism

To preserve and promote the value of cultural and historical relics and beautiful sites associated with specific products and competitive advantages, in the coming years, Kinh Mon provincial town authorities will develop a variety of products.

Besides spiritual and religious tourism activities, Kinh Mon authorities attach special importance to agricultural tourism and exploration of traditional trade villages like Tong Xa noodles, Tong Buong gio cha (Vietnamese ham and sausage), chung (square glutinous rice cake), and day (round glutinous rice cake) in Thai Thinh ward, Duong Nham stone carving in Pham Thai ward, kudzu flour in Thuong Quan commune, orange growing in That Hung ward, ostrich, ruoi (Tylorrhynchus heterocheatus), and fiddler crab raising in Minh tan ward, etc.; organization of cultural tourism activities, participation in folklore festivals, and relics related to celebrities and historical events; and community-based tourism enabling visitors to stay at locals' houses, enjoy countryside life, explore mountain and river ecosystems, etc.

Tourists can also experience the life of a farmer through farm work, cultivation, animal husbandry, etc.

Kinh Mon provincial town authorities have also worked out specific intra-regional tours to connect tourist attractions in wards and communes.

To realized the set plan, in the 2021 – 2025 period, the provincial town authorities will reserve more than VND54 billion for tourism development activities, focusing on preserving and restoring relics and tourism resources, building technical infrastructure for tourism, developing products, propagandizing tourism, and training human resources.

"In the coming years, Kinh Mon authorities will consider tourism as a key economic sector. The local authorities will concentrate manpower and devise specific programs and plans to achieve this goal," said Nguyen Thi Kha, Head of the provincial town Cultural Division.



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