Hai Duong lychees exported to Japan 20 times more than last year

MONDAY, 28/06/2021 14:02:58

Hai Duong province achieved a high yield of lychees in this year's crop, about 55,000 tons.

Hai Duong's lychees on sale in Japan

Though Covid-19 affected circulation and transport, the sale of Hai Duong's lychees was still favorable and ended 5-7 days earlier than previous years.

In which, 20,000 tons were exported to China, Laos, and Cambodia; 19,000 tons were sold at major wholesale markets across Vietnam; 5,000 tons were on sale in systems of supermarkets and convenience stores; etc.

Especially, this crop, the province exported 1,000 tons of lychees to the top fastidious market of Japan, 20 times more than last year.

This is also the first year fresh lychees of Hai Duong have been successfully exported to Thailand, the UK, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, etc. and sold on five e-commerce platforms of Lazada, Voso, Sendo, Alibaba, and Postmart.

Thanks to guarantee of quarantine conditions, lychees of Hai Duong were priced 10 – 20% higher than those of other localities in Vietnam and 30 – 50% higher than those of China, Thailand, and Mexico at the same time.



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