Hai Duong city develops OCOP Products

WEDNESDAY, 21/10/2020 07:41:45

Developing OCOP products is considered by Hai Duong City as a fundamental solution to promote rural economic restructuring and increase income for people.

In 2020, Hai Duong city has 4 mung bean cake products participating in OCOP.In the photo: Hai Dung Mung Bean Cake Production Base

Over the past time, Hai Duong city has paid attention to the development of typical commodity products, focusing on the orientation of producers to participate in the program "One Commune One product" (OCOP) in order to gradually improve and raise the value of the products.

In 2019, the traditional Mung Bean Cake and Honey Mung Bean Cake of Viet Huong Joint Stock Company in Quang Trung ward were highly appreciated by the Provincial People's Committee when ranked 4-star OCOP. This year, the company continues to choose 3 mung bean cake products: Lotus Seed, Durian, and Gac to participate in this "playground". According to Ms. Khuc Hiep Phuong, the Company's Director, in order to be OCOP ranked, the product must undergo severe voting rounds with strict criteria. However, when being recognized to meet OCOP standard, the product will have many favorable conditions in production and consumption. The company attaches great importance to this program, considering this as an opportunity to raise the position of the product in domestic and international markets.

With the desire to seek for more opportunities for product introduction and proliferation to customers, Hai Duong Cosmeceutical Company Limited in Binh Han ward have registered two OCOP participating products, including: HD Kids Sirup and Kinh Mon HD Garlic Plus. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Director of the Company said: "Compared with other products, our products are food supplement, so the approval standards are also stricter, especially in food safety censorship. However, the Company still aims to achieve high rankings this year. Besides the urgent completion of the production process, we also quickly amend the application dossier for approval under the guidance of the specialized agency".

Hai Duong Cosmeceutical Co., Ltd is associating for the production of these 2 products under the exclusive formula. Every month, the Company consumes over 8,000 products, mainly via online sale channel. With stable production scale and output, the Company's products have many advantages when competing with other rivals to be recognized as OCOP product this year.

In 2020, Hai Duong city has 15 products from 5 manufacturing entities registering to participate in OCOP, leading the whole province in terms of quantity. After the OCOP consultancy unit conducts a field survey with the aim of eliminating weak products, focusing on products with potential ratings, all these 15 products of the city are retained. This proves that products of Hai Duong city are of good quality and potentiality to be highly ranked.

According to Ms. Vu Thi Mai Huong, Deputy Head of Economic Department of Hai Duong city, the city is focusing on renewing the forms of organizing the production in association with promoting the development of agricultural products, non-agricultural products, tourism services with high potentials and strength. This is a fundamental solution to promote economic restructuring in rural areas and to increase income for people. Therefore, the city considers the OCOP program as a fulcrum for strong products, especially those from craft villages, to build a firm foothold in the market. Presently, the producers have basically completed the OCOP approval documents for 2020.

In the coming years, the city will continue to propagate and mobilize local producers to participate in OCOP so as to access preferential policies of this program.



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