Green urban areas sought

WEDNESDAY, 04/08/2021 15:40:15

Increasing the area of trees, water surface, and public works and reducing the area of residential land are suitable policies to build new green and modern urban and residential areas, contributing to improving the quality of people's lives.

Many trees are grown in the eco-friendly Ecorivers Hai Duong urban area

Long-term orientation

The common goal in urban development of the province in the 2021 – 2025 period is development towards greenness, smartness, modernity, and attraction of people in and outside the province to come for living and working.

At present, Hai Duong authorities are developing a master plan for urban development and a housing development program for the 2021 – 2025 period with orientation to 2030 to have a basis to make an appropriate urban plan, striving to cover the entire detailed plan following the development one.

Besides, the provincial authorities have promoted rearrangement, upgrading, and development of urban areas in the direction of green, smart, modern, and worth-living ones with synchronous and sustainable infrastructure and ensured that there are many highlight structures, public spaces, parks, and trees harmonious with the surrounding environment and limiting impacts on the natural ecosystem in new urban and residential areas.

Nguyen Van Doan, Member of the provincial Party Committee, Director of the Department of Construction, said that over the past time, as a state management unit in the field of construction, the department had required the investors of new urban and residential areas to make plans in the direction of green, smart, and modern urban areas and attach special importance to planning the construction of green spaces, works, and traffic.

Currently, in all plans for new urban and residential areas, the rate of residential land is kept below 31%, down 7 – 9% compared to previously-approved projects. The proportion of trees, water surface, public works, etc. has significantly increased to ensure a healthy and civilized habitat for residents.

Specifically, all new urban and residential areas are planned towards preserving natural landscapes, tourist attractions, and historical and cultural works to target an eco-friendly residential community in harmony with nature.

Specialized bodies always remind investors to take into account the factors of economical and efficient use of energy and utilization of renewable energy when proposing measures for urban planning and work design.

Comprehensive verdure required

As proposed by local authorities, a list of projects to develop houses, urban and residential areas, and residential spots in 2021 consists of 150 projects with a total area of about 1,311 ha, including approximately 409 ha of residential land, accounting for 31% of the total area. This is a low rate compared to projects implemented in the previous period.

A list of projects suggesting regional development momentum in 2021 comprises 13 projects covering a total area of nearly 6,942 ha with the proposed residential land accounting for only around 18%, equivalent to 1,262 ha.

Green urban areas have become the mainstream in urban planning. In the photo: A corner of a concentrated residential area in Thanh Mien district town

The reduction of the percentage of residential land and increase of the rate of trees, parks, and water surface are also supported by the investors of new urban and residential areas.

"At first, it seems that the reduction of residential land percentage will lower investors' profits, but in fact, the increase of the rate of trees, water surface, and public and entertainment works will heighten the value of land lots and comparative advantage compared to other projects", said Nguyen Duc Hai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hung Thinh Group Co., Ltd.

Sharing the same view, Pham Xuan Ve, Chairman of Ha Phuong Group, said the group was implementing a series of new urban and residential area projects in Hai Duong. The decrease of residential land rate and increase of tree and water surface one make the landscape of new urban and residential areas more beautiful and greener, attracting more people to come for living. Therefore, it is easier to transfer land lots in the projects, and land lots are also valued higher.

"This is an intangible value that not all investors can realize. The construction of green urban areas is becoming the mainstream, and no investor can be bystander," added Ve.

As assessed by construction experts, the building of green urban areas is not easy since the green urban concept does not only mean large areas of trees and water surface.

There has been neither a concept of what a green urban area is nor detailed regulations on the criteria of a green urban area. Therefore, local authorities can only base themselves on the actual situation as well as socio-economic development targets to work out specific orientation in planning and building new green and eco-friendly urban and residential areas.

The Government's Decree 15/2021/ND-CP dated March 3, 2021 detailing a number of contents on the management of construction and investment projects also only states the concept "green work". Accordingly, a green work is a construction work that is designed, built, and operated to meet  criteria and standards on efficient use of energy and resource saving; ensure the comfort and quality of the habitat inside the work; and protect the environment outside it.

The resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress also specifies: "Focusing on turning dynamic urban areas of the province into green, smart, modern, and worth-living ones; ensuring that there are many highlight structures, public spaces, parks, trees, etc. in the urban areas to improve the quality of people's lives."

Thus, green urban construction is not simply decreasing the rate of residential land and increasing the rate of trees, water surface, or public works. It is also shown in such factors as protection of the ecosystem, closeness to nature, fuel saving, good handling of environmental pollution factors, etc.

Most importantly, the construction of green urban areas must aim for the building of a "green lifestyle" for managers as well as all residents in each new urban and residential area.



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