First batches of Thanh Ha thieu lychee enter Japanese market

MONDAY, 24/05/2021 10:49:56

From the evening of May 22 to May 23, Ameii Vietnam JSC. exported two batches of Thanh Ha thieu lychee, equivalent to 3 tons, to Japan by air.

On May 23 morning, the first batches of Thanh Ha thieu lychee exported to Japan in this year’s crop are present in this country’s market

These are the first batches of Vietnamese lychee in this year’s lychee crop to have been exported to this fastidious market.

From May 24, the company will daily export 5 tons of thieu lychee to Japan.

Thanh Ha Thieu lychee has outstanding characteristics in terms of quality and appearance and is cultivated under international standards.

In 2020, Japan officially approved the import of fresh lychee from Vietnam.

Ameii Vietnam JSC. is one of businesses successfully exporting lychee to Japan with about 30 tons in 2020.

As planned, in this year’s lychee crop, the company will export about 300 tons of thieu lychee to Japan, from 700 to 1,000 tons of lychee to other countries like Singapore, the US, Australia, etc.

Besides, Red Dragon Co., Ltd. has exported 5.2 tons to Singapore and 12 tons to Australia, and also took lychee to Japan on May 23.



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