Early lychees favorably, safely sold

THURSDAY, 10/06/2021 16:36:15

Contrary to initial predictions of difficulties caused by Covid-19, early lychees of Hai Duong province were favorably and safely sold with epidemic prevention conditions ensured.

Hai Duong exported more than 1,500 tons of early lychees to big markets, the highest amount ever

Many best and new things

Early lychee is available in a number of Hai Duong’s localities but concentratively cultivated with the highest quality in communes of Ha Dong area, Thanh Ha district.

A high yield (estimated at 35,000 tons) in the context of tense domestic and international epidemic situation made people, enterprises, and specialized agencies worried about the sale of products.

Nonetheless, thanks to thoughtful and methodical preparations from the very beginning, the lychee season forecast to face many disadvantages in consumption left a lot of imprints.

Shortly after the export lychee garden opening ceremony in Thanh Quang commune, Thanh Ha district, and the conference promoting sustainable trade for Thanh Ha lychee and specialty agricultural products of Hai Duong on May 18, the early lychee varieties of u trung trang and u hong favorably approached major and fastidious markets like Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

The amount of eary lychees of Hai Duong exported to these countries was the highest ever with more than 1,500 tons.

Particularly, businesses in the province proactively penetrated into the most fastidious market, Japan, by improving preliminary processing and preservation and working out transport plans in epidemic conditions.

As a result, Hai Duong was the first locality to export fresh lychees to Japan this year. Within only five days, the amount of lychees consumed in this market was equal to the entire previous crop with nearly 100 tons.

This is also the first year fresh lychees of the province have conquered customers in Thailand, which is called a kingdom of fruits.

This year, fresh lychees of Hai Duong had new consumption channels through e-commerce platforms. Though there were not many lychees sold online, only nearly 200 tons, they generated positive signals changing people’s production thinking as well as improving the effectiveness of promoting specialty products of the province.

Thanks to the attraction of Hai Duong lychees, the management units of such e-commerce platforms as Sendo, Voso, and Lazada had to change their business plans.

Apart from the online retail channels, Hai Duong lychees also got stable footholds in chains of convenience stores and supermarket systems in the country. More than 2,000 tons of early lychees were quickly sold at competitive prices.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, it was not difficult to transport lychees to China.

With experience from the previous lychee crop as well as the third epidemic wave, purchase facilities proactively took anti-epidemic measures. Hence, Hai Duong lychees were still smoothly transported to and sold in the traditional market with 1,000 – 1,200 tons of lychees daily exported there by road.

By June 3, Hai Duong had basically finished harvesting and selling early lychees.

Thanks to favorable and stable sale in the high market segment, the price of the provincial early lychees was always at the top, VND10,000 – 15,000/kg higher than lychees in other places at the same time of purchase.

Early lychees were priced at VND60,000 – 100,000/kg at the beginning of the crop and VND15,000 – 30,000/kg during peak harvest time. Particularly, the price of lychees bought for export by enterprises was always 20 – 30% higher than the market one.

Proactive epidemic prevention

Despite the impact of Covid-19, early lychees of Hai Duong were favorably sold for stable prices

In the third Covid-19 wave, Hai Duong was the epicenter of the epidemic, resulting in a lot of difficulties and inconveniences in transporting agricultural products.

Therefore, this time, despite good control of the epidemic, the provincial authorities were neither subjective nor neglectful when people from other localities came to buy lychees.

The early lychee region of Ha Dong area is always the busiest one in the province when a crop comes. At that time, hundreds of Chinese traders and people from other localities come to set up weighing points for purchase with more than 1,000 turns of vehicles coming and leaving the area each day. Without strict control, the risk of epidemic spreading is very unpredictable.

Executing the provincial authorities’ regulations, the People’s Committee of Thanh Ha district established epidemic checkpoints in Thanh Quang commune and arranged forces to help lychee buyers strictly comply with epidemic prevention requirements.

The district authorities also took samples to test for SARS-CoV-2 for those coming to the district from other localities to work at the weighing points and lychee drivers.

Hai Duong is entering the harvest of the main-crop thieu lychees. Aside from Thanh Ha district, Chi Linh city authorities have also urgently conducted epidemic prevention related to lychee purchase and transport.

The city authorities required the authorities of lychee growing wards and communes to proactively determine weighing points for easy management and form teams to check people and vehicles coming to buy lychees.

The city authorities also increased the number of health workers to take samples for SARS-CoV-2 or rapid antigen testing for lychee buyers from other localities in case they do not have any confirmation of negative result in the last five days.

According to Mr. Tran Van Quan, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Board for 2021 Trade Promotion Activities and Thieu Lychee Festival, the provincial authorities had proactively worked out a lychee selling scenario in the Covid-19 situation, so all difficulties were removed step by step.

To date, though only early lychees have been harvested and sold, it can be affirmed that this is a successful lychee crop of the province in both production and sale.



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