"Golden initiatives" at Nissei Technology Company

MONDAY, 30/08/2021 16:58:48

Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd. has become a typical business in workers' creation movement.

Dao Tien Son (left) introduces his automatic packaging machine

With a series of initiatives, Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd. in Phuc Dien industrial zone, Hai Duong province's Cam Giang district, annually saves hundreds of billions of dong and has become a typical business in workers' creation movement.

Most recently, the initiative "Manufacturing an automatic packaging machine" of Dao Tien Son, leader of the Injection Molding Team, has been applied.

With Son's initiative, each person can stand adjusting five machines continuously running instead of one machine per person as before.

The machine consists of a controller, a separator, and a turntable. When products are put into the separator, the machine will automatically count and take the products to the turntable. After counting enough quantity, the machine will adjust and pass the products to a funnel.

The machine structure is simple and made of recycled materials, resulting in a value of only about VND10 million, which may amount to several hundred million dong outside.

The machine's advantage is ensuring a sufficient quantity of goods without shortage or excess like manual counting.

With each machine, the company will save more than VND70 million for four workers each month.

Thanks to its remarkable effectiveness, the product was put into use by the Board of Directors.

Son is continuing creation and assembling to multiply this model.

With the initiative "Automatic inking machine," Trinh Dinh Vung, working in the technical department, has helped the enterprise save much labor and production time.

The advantage of the machine is that it is only necessary to put a tray of components in position and then press a button, the machine will automatically move and ink products without omission.

The machine works like a robot, reducing manpower and time. Products are inked more evenly, and the quantity and quality of output are still guaranteed during epidemic waves.

Vung also created an automatic lid and tray sprayer by utilizing old equipment.

Workers had to put trays and lids in the cleaning position and move them from side to side until they were clean in the past but now only need to put the entire tray into position for the machine to automatically spray and push the tray to the back. Workers only need to take cleaned trays for use.

An automatic tray sprayer requires only about VND3 million in assembling materials but saves approximately VND70 million each month.

Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd. annually has about 20 initiatives, including nearly a dozen useful ones that can be immediately applied to production.

A wholly-Japanese invested company specializing in manufacturing electronic components, so it always prioritizes and creates all conditions for workers to work and be creative.



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