Kinh Mon-based businesses proactively realize dual goals

MONDAY, 23/08/2021 17:13:58

Thanks to proactive development of epidemic prevention and control scenarios, businesses in Kinh Mon have helped employees feel secure, contributing to maintaining production and business.

Employers and employees of Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel JSC. strictly comply with 5K rules at work

Strict 5K implementation

There are 864 active businesses in Kinh Mon provincial town. Along with production and business, the enterprises always take synchronous measures and proactively work out scenarios for production and epidemic prevention at the same time.

Having 5,300 employees, Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel JSC. has set up 32 Covid Safety teams with 129 members. The teams always operate at full capacity, monitor face mask wearing, body temperature checking, distancing, disinfection, etc. regarding all people and vehicles entering the enterprise, and require workers at workshops to keep a distance, limit talking and close contact, and not to gather after shifts.

Having 100% of capital from Taiwan (China), Vietory Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing sport shoes as ordered for export to the US. At present, the company is employing more than 3,500 laborers, most of them are locals and 52 are Chinese experts.

The firm has established 115 Covid Safety teams to daily supervise the employees’ strict implementation of epidemic prevention regulations. Apart from pledging to strictly comply with 5K rules, all employees must conform to the “one route, two destinations” requirement.

The company has required 64 workers with household registration in Hai Phong to have certificates of negative COVID-19 test results twice a week to go to work and arranged accommodation in the locality for 16 workers with household registration in Quang Ninh.

To distance the employees, the business has switched from one production shift/ day to three shifts/ day. Sections, production lines, equipment, and machinery were arranged scientifically and distantly with glass partitions.

Proactive planning

Though in a safe area, Vicem Hoang Thach Cement One Member Co., Ltd. always takes the initiative in strictly observing epidemic prevention regulations like tracing cases related to Covid-19, implementing PCR tests, etc.

The business has proactively worked out an epidemic prevention plan for each level. In case of outbreak, the company will apply the option of using about 70% of employees in the workplace, and the rest will work online.

Currently, more than 200 workers with household registration in Quang Ninh, 40 experts from outside the province, and foreigners are being supported with staying places and 50% of meal costs by the company.

Tan Ha Kieu JSC. in Minh Tan ward has proactively turned from normal to “three on-the-spot” production and is ready to accept accrued expenses to ensure its employees’ safety and an uninterrupted production chain.

68 out of 160 employees of the company are staying in the workplace. The firm pays attention to supporting and encouraging the employees with living costs, working conditions, and rest time, so they unanimously agree to strictly comply with epidemic prevention regulations and feel secure to stay for production.

Nguyen Khac Lieu, a worker of the company, said: “Since the third epidemic wave, I have stayed at the company for five times. We here encourage each other to try to contribute to the locality’s fight against Covid-19 and stand side by side with the company to maintain production.”

Thanks to their initiative and careful preparation of production and business plans along with epidemic prevention measures, businesses in Kinh Mon have continued to effectively realize the dual goals of fighting the epidemic and ensuring production and business and stabilizing employees’ incomes.



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