Businesses in pandemic-hit areas take initiative in production

THURSDAY, 19/08/2021 17:03:31

When the epidemic broke out, businesses in pandemic-hit areas proactively took a series of measures to ensure employees’ safety and maintain stable production.

Thanks to serious implementation of epidemic prevention measures, Camex Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Ung Hoe commune, Ninh Giang district, still maintains stable production

Resolute epidemic prevention

A Covid-19 infection case was detected in Ung Hoe commune, Hai Duong province’s Ninh Giang district, on August 8 evening. Local authorities blockaded the entire commune right that night, making many workers of Camex Vietnam Co., Ltd. based in the commune unable to go to work.

To ensure supply of goods for partners, the company let 67 workers test for Covid-19 and required them to stay on the spot instead of returning to their place of residence.

The company re-divided production shifts and required the workers to self-monitor their health and strictly implement 5K rule during working and staying at the company.

The company provided the workers with free accommodation and an additional support of VND100,000/person/day.

When the epidemic broke out in the locality, leaders of Joton Paint Vietnam JSC.’s Hai Duong branch in Gia Tan commune, Gia Loc district, applied the policy “nobody in, nobody out”.

The company reviewed employees in necessary positions, only kept a sufficient number of workers to maintain operations, and temporarily laid off those in epidemic-hit areas.

The firm arranged on-the-spot accommodation for the workers and increased working time to offset the shortage of workers.

To ensure a stable life of the workers, the enterprise prepared adequate foodstuffs to minimize the need to go out for shopping and organized sampling of all employers and employees for testing.

The company required the employees not to contact people from outside during the outbreak in the locality.

“Thank to the drastic measures taken, our company is still safe with no case affected by the epidemic,” affirmed director of the company Pham Thi Ha Diep.

In the expanded Dai An industrial zone, Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. has also taken a series of measures to ensure safety from the epidemic.

The company required all people coming to the firm from other provinces to have a PCR test certificate within 72 hours.

Drivers were required to equip themselves with protective equipment, including clothes, face masks, and face shields, and limit direct contact when delivering and receiving goods.

The enterprise arranged a staying place in Hai Duong for experts and workers from other provinces.

Stable production

Safe and effective implementation of anti-epidemic measures has helped businesses in epidemic-hit areas maintain stable production.

Nguyen Van Chinh, Director of Camex Vietnam Co., Ltd., said the unit specializes in producing and providing precision springs, molded parts, and mechanical products for some large electronic corporations such as LG, Panasonic, Daikin, etc.

Therefore, when the epidemic broke out, the company had to find any way to maintain operations so as not to disrupt the supply chain for its customers.

Though having to postpone some orders for impossibility to complete manufacturing in time, the company proactively prepared materials and manpower to be able to meet urgent orders.

As for Joton Paint Vietnam JSC.’s Hai Duong branch, production is still taking place normally.

“Our company has stored enough production materials and proactively contacted material suppliers to reach agreement on the method of transport and delivery in line with the epidemic prevention process; therefore, all production and business activities of our company have not been affected,” said Pham Thi Ha Diep.

Together with anti-epidemic measures, to maintain stable production, Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. minimizes visitors to the company and only prioritizes activities ensuring production like input and output of goods, delivery of essential goods, repair of machinery and working means, etc.

Thanks to the drastic and proactive measures against the epidemic, the company’s production is still stable though Covid-19 cases have appeared in Dai An industrial zone.



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