Businesses gradually Restore their Production

TUESDAY, 02/03/2021 14:55:35

Businesses in the province, especially those in Cam Giang district, are making their best efforts to overcome difficulties, preparing conditions and plans to restore their production and business after a period of social distancing.

To overcome difficulties, 120 employees of ANT Company Limited (HN) in Tan Truong Commune (Cam Giang) are having to concurrently hold many job positions

Overcoming difficulties

ANT Company Limited (HN) in Tan Truong commune (Cam Giang) specializes in the production of animal feed, selling about 1,000 tons of products of all kinds to the market every day. Since Cam Giang was blocked, this enterprise stopped working. After satisfying the Covid-19 epidemic prevention conditions, on 25th February, the company resumed its operation but only about 120 workers residing in Cam Giang district are permitted to work. About 300 workers in other localities are still off work, waiting for specific instructions.

Not yet operating as the above company, Hitachi Cable Vietnam Company Limited in Tan Truong Industrial Park has fully prepared all the conditions required by the province and by the provincial Industrial Park Administration Authority to get ready for re-operation by the beginning of this March. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong, Human Resources Director of the company, said that the company has designed a plan for production and business after the epidemic, made a list of its employees who will return to work and sent its epidemic prevention commitment to the provincial Industrial Park Administration Authority. The Company has evaluated the risk of contracting Covid-19 epidemic as instructed; coordinated to organize SARS-CoV-2 testing for 260 workers living in Cam Giang district. When the enterprise is permitted to re-operate, these 260 workers will be the first ones to return to work. Nearly 300 workers living outside the district will go to work after receiving specific instructions.

Trung Kien Joint Stock Company has 3 export packaging factories in Kim Thanh district. So as to take measures for epidemic prevention, these factories of the company are still temporarily shut down. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tang, Investment Director of Trung Kien Joint Stock Company, this time, the company is encountering many difficulties. The costs of input materials has sharply increased, production has been stagnated, resulting in the risk losing its potential customers. The Company is making arrangements and coordinating with the business department to step by step handle the problems.

Hitachi Cable Vietnam Company Limited in Tan Truong Industrial Park is strictly implementing the epidemic prevention regulations and ready to be back to operation

Paying attention to supporting businesses

Recently, the Covid-19 epidemic situation in the province has been complicated. Many localities and residential areas were blocked to prevent the epidemic. Many businesses have to stop working and coordinate with the authorities at all levels to prevent the epidemic from widespreading. However, the goal of the province is to both take measures to prevent the epidemics and at the same time to remove difficulties for businesses in order to implement the socio-economic development tasks.

On 25th February, the Chairman  of the provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to preside and coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to synthesize reports on the Covid-19 epidemic and to recommend solutions to implement epidemic prevention together with social economic development. In which, defining tasks and solutions for epidemic prevention and production and trading in a new normal operating state in all fields must be included.

Cam Giang district is one of the hot spots of Covid-19 epidemic in the province. On 27th February, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee directed enterprises and production establishments to design plans for production and business concurrent with epidemic prevention to return to operation by beginning of March with specific conditions. Particularly for businesses with Covid-19 cases, besides the requirements of designing plans for production and business, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee also asked these enterprises to continue their coordination with the authorities of the province and of Cam Giang district to thoroughly review and handle the disease risk factors and to make a report to the Covid-19 Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Control for consideration and agreement before resuming their operation.

Many enterprises request the province to reconsider the conditions requiring them to have their employees tested for SARS-CoV-2 when they return to work  because many local workers have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 in a large scale testing program conducted by the local authorities. Having their employees re-tested will be a cost for these enterprises. The arrangement of accommodation food for their workers during the local blockage period and medical quarantine have led many businesses to financial difficulties. Enterprises expect the authorities to soon have specific instructions for them to implement and to be assured when operating again.





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