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Hai Duong youth karate team overfulfills medal target

MONDAY, 15/08/2022 17:51:13

The 28th National Youth Karate Championship wrapped up on August 14 in Quang Nam province.

Martial artist Nguyen Ngoc Mai Anh wins a gold medal for Hai Duong

With one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals, the Hai Duong youth karate team far exceeded the target set before the tournament (one silver and one bronze).

The gold medal went to martial artist Nguyen Ngoc Mai Anh in the women's 56 kg category for the 12 – 13 age group, while the silver medals belonged to martial artists Tran Thi Luong in the women's 65 kg category and Tran Lap Trung Hieu in the men's over 86 kg category for the 18 – 22 age group.

The bronze medals were grabbed by martial artists Le Thi Huyen Dieu in the women's 40 kg category and Pham Quang Quang in the men's 50 kg category for the 14 – 15 age group.

The coach and athletes of Hai Duong attending the National Youth Karate Championship

The Hai Duong team sent one coach and nine athletes to the 28th National Youth Karate Championship, taking place from August 5 – 14, to compete in kumite events for 12 – 13, 14 – 15, and 18 – 22 age groups.

According to coach Le Van Minh, this is a very useful tournament for young martial artists and a basis to review athletes for addition to teams at higher levels to prepare for the 9th National Games.

There will be six martial artists and one coach in the Hai Duong karate team to attend this year's Games.



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