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Suwon city delegation interested in Hai Duong water puppetry

TUESDAY, 07/02/2023 16:15:14

A delegation from Suwon city, the Republic of Korea (RoK), visited Hong Phong water puppetry troupe in Ninh Giang district and Dao Co in Thanh Mien district on February 6 afternoon.

The Suwon city delegation enjoys water puppet performances

The delegation learnt about more than 300 years of formation and development of the troupe and Bo Duong communal house and was really interested in water puppet performances.

Visiting Dao Co (Stork Island), the guests were surprised by the unspoiled natural scenery and airy and peaceful space with a clear blue lake. They enjoyed watching the wings of storks and night herons fluttering in the air.

The RoK guests learn the art of making puppets

Head of the delegation Park Yong Min said after returning home, members of the delegation would introduce the unique values of Hai Duong tourism to their relatives and friends in the RoK.

On the morning of the same day, the delegation attended a number of events at the Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival’s opening ceremony.

The delegation visits and learns about the more-than-300-year history and architecture of Bo Duong communal house

Today, the delegation is learning about Chu Dau pottery in Nam Sach district and working with the People's Committee of Hai Duong province.

The delegation paid the working visit at the invitation of leaders of the Hai Duong provincial People's Committee.

Sitting on a boat floating in the middle of An Duong lake, the guests are immersed in the charming natural space of Dao Co

2023 marks the 19th founding anniversary of the cooperative and friendly relationship between Hai Duong and Suwon city with many practical and meaningful activities in socio-economic fields.

The RoK guests are quite excited when hearing the sound of birds chirping to call each other back to their nests



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