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Over 30 wrestlers compete in 2023 Hai Duong Open National Wrestling Tournament

TUESDAY, 07/02/2023 18:25:08

The 2023 Hai Duong Open National Wrestling Tournament kicked off at the stone yard of Con Son pagoda on February 6 afternoon.

Representatives of delegations hold a ceremony at Con Son pagoda before the wrestling tournament

More than 30 wrestlers from Tu Ky, Ninh Giang, and Nam Sach districts, Kinh Mon provincial town, and Hai Duong and Chi Linh cities are competing in 45-50 kg, over 50-55 kg, over 55- 60 kg, over 60-65 kg, over 65-70 kg, over 70-75 kg, and over 75 kg categories following the Vietnam Sports Administration’s law on national wrestling competitions and the International Wrestling Federation’s law on freestyle wrestling.

A wrestler defeats his opponent

More than 20 matches took place on February 6 afternoon.

The wrestlers played the finals of all categories on February 7.

Thanks to favorable weather, a lot of spectators come to cheer on the wrestlers



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