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Foreign tourists flock to Vietnam’s first banh mi festival

SATURDAY, 01/04/2023 06:15:45

Foreign visitors queued for over 15 minutes to enjoy banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) at the country’s first festival to honor the popular street food.

Agustina Morel (L) from Uruguay said she felt lucky to join the banh mi festival during her final day in Vietnam before she left for Cambodia.

"I've tried Vietnamese banh mi twice and love it," she said. "Vietnamese banh mi is the best."

The festival, which has 120 pavilions set up by restaurants, bakeries and domestic and foreign suppliers, is organized by the Vietnam Tourism Association and the Ho Chi Minh city Department of Tourism at Ho Chi Minh city’s Cultural House in district 1.

The festival will last until Sunday.

Morel and her friends queue for 15 minutes to get banh mi at Grandma Lu’s stand.

Florencia Barrios (second, R), said she hadn’t had lunch yet but saved some room in her stomach for a sandwich.

“Crispy and fragrant. I love this dish," said Barrios, adding this was the first time she tried Vietnam’s banh mi.

Without glass cabinet like other stands, these vendors use banana leaves to display toppings for banh mi including cha lua (Vietnamese pork bologna) and vegetables

A bread stand from Nguyen Sinh Bakery, one of the oldest brands in Ha Noi. Here a loaf of banh mi with full toppings costs VND25,000 ($1.06)

Bay Ho’s stand serves signature pate sandwiches

The Bay Ho banh mi brand has been in business for over 90 years and its signature pate recipe, a family secret, has won the hearts of generations of foodies.

Loaves of bread stored in a rattan basket to keep it hot and crispy

In addition to traditional bread, many stalls also serve sweet bread, French bread or banh mi que (breadsticks)


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