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Hotels in Hai Duong gear up for SEA Games 31

TUESDAY, 10/05/2022 14:29:49

Many hotels in Hai Duong city have proactively prepared the best conditions to welcome athletes and fans.

Nam Cuong Hotel has carefully invested in dishes and will organize buffets to meet the needs of coaches, athletes, and delegates from other countries

Nam Cuong is a 4-star hotel with 181 rooms and about 5 km from the Gymnasium of Hai Duong province. This is a top quality hotel in Hai Duong and the only one chosen to serve international athlete teams.

Over the past time, the hotel has reviewed, replaced, and supplemented facilities in rooms, dining and entertainment areas such as swimming pools, massage areas, bars, etc.

All air-conditioners in rooms on three floors expected to receive clients were replaced with new ones. The fire prevention and fighting system and security cameras were also checked and added.

The hotel attaches special importance to Covid-19 prevention and control by arranging hand sanitizers, medical face masks, and rooms for temporary medical and doping isolation.

Staff members regularly clean the premises inside and outside the hotel and trim trees to create a green and friendly environment.

The hotel has organized professional training for the team many times in occupational and food safety and hygiene, hotel skills, order and security assurance, and fire prevention and fighting.

Nguyen Huu Hang Tam, representative of Nam Cuong Hotel, said it had prepared a suitable menu and would organize buffets to meet the needs of coaches, athletes, and representatives of countries.

There, athlete groups will experience high-class services of the hotel such as health care, indoor and outdoor entertainment, and contemplation of Hai Duong city at night while enjoying drinks from a sky bar on the 25th floor.

A staff member of Purple Lotus Hotel is introducing tourist attractions of Hai Duong to a foreign visitor

Though not having to receive and serve international athletes, many other hotels in Hai Duong city like Purple Lotus, Kim Bao, Kim Son, ASEAN, Huu Nghi, and Truong Thanh have proactively prepared the best conditions to welcome domestic and international fans.

Purple Lotus Hotel has two facilities on Truong Chinh street with more than 60 quality rooms priced from 900,000 VND/night.

Nguyen Minh Tam, representative of the hotel, said it had arranged the best facility conditions, services, diverse meals ensuring food safety and hygiene, etc.

To impress visitors, the hotel has prepared many local specialties such as green bean cakes or small souvenirs for presentation to visitors.

"This is a good opportunity to popularize the image and people of Hai Duong to domestic and international tourists," said Tam.

"There are Hai Duong tourism publications in the lobby of the hotel for visitors to refer to.

"The hotel's staff will directly introduce and organize tours to famous places in the province if tourists have a need."

The 31st SEA Games table tennis event is officially kicking off from May 13 to 20 at the provincial Gymnasium. Many cultural, sport, and entertainment activities will take place this time.



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