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More channel for investment screening

FRIDAY, 25/11/2022 08:09:01

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in 2022 developed a new provincial ranking system, called Provincial Green Index (PGI), besides the PCI.

PGI implementation will contribute to promoting environmentally friendly production and business activities. In the photo: An Phat Bioplastics JSC. produces eco-friendly biological bags

This is the VCCI's initiative because the pressure of economic development has made greater and greater negative impacts on the environment, requiring a shift to green production models.

In Hai Duong, the resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress for the 2020 – 2025 tenure defines green growth as the core foundation that controls the overall development.

The province aims at rapid and sustainable economic development, focusing on targeting a low-carbon economy, reducing emissions, increasing the ability to absorb greenhouse gases, and, at the same time, using energy and natural resources economically and effectively.

The PGI introduction was suitable to the provincial development orientation and trend. Not only a tool to measure production and business ecosystems in a green direction, the PGI is also an important information channel to select and screen investment projects.

In fact, in the past, some investment projects in the province polluted the environment, leaving many consequences, including environmental degradation, instability, and public anxiety.

Therefore, the PGI will help authorities at all levels consider investment projects from the beginning to resolutely refuse those possible to negatively affect the environment.

Through the PGI, businesses can grasp and assess environmental quality and whether technical infrastructure construction satisfies environmental protection requirements to consider investment.

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, Hai Duong has been taking many practical and effective measures to change its growth model and restructure the economy in a green direction for sustainable development.

The provincial People’s Committee decided to stop attracting investment in eight groups of industries highly likely to pollute the environment and encourage green and environmentally friendly projects in the 2021-2025 period.

Over the past time, the provincial authorities have actively controlled environmental pollution sources, drastically managed the exploitation of minerals, and encouraged the construction of green works.

Investors in the infrastructure of industrial parks in the province are aiming at building modern and advanced technical infrastructure to limit negative impacts on the environment

The provincial authorities are also ready to refuse projects likely to pollute the environment. Authorities at all levels in the province take the initiative in coordination to solve environmental problems arising in the process of enterprises’ production and business.

This is a positive start helping Hai Duong quickly catch up when realizing the PGI.

Though properly following the spirit of the PGI, the province still needs specific measures and actions to encourage agencies and State management units as well as the business community to pay attention to PGI development.

Dinh Thi Loan, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Director-general of Trung Quy Bac Ninh Investment JSC., the investor of the expanded Phuc Dien industrial park in Binh Giang district, said the unit aims at building advanced and modern technical infrastructure for the industrial park to best serve enterprises’ production and business and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

With a scale of nearly 240 ha and an estimated investment of more than 1,800 billion VND, the company is committed to creating a professional production environment in harmony with the environment to both contribute to sustainable economic development and ensure people’s welfare.

Green growth is a basis for stable and sustainable development, and the PGI is a meter to objectively and fairly evaluate this factor. Therefore, the PGI must be objectively and substantially carried out with specific measures and actions and no formality.

Both authorities and the business community must take drastic action for the PGI to become a reliable tool for the assessment of the investment environment.
According to Decision No. 390/QD-UBND of the provincial People’s Committee, the province stops attracting investment in eight groups of industries highly likely to pollute the environment in the 2021-2025 period. Those are textile dyeing, washing, and grinding; production of leather, leather shoes, and related products that includes tanning, preliminary processing and dyeing of leather in the production process; oil refinement; battery and accumulator manufacturing; rubber latex processing, rubber material production and processing, manufacturing of rubber products, synthetic and composite plastics, and paper from pulp and fiberboard, and rubber recycling; production of construction materials like cement, bricks from baked clay, lime, and roofing sheets using asbestos; production of chemicals and chemical products; and exploitation and enrichment of toxic mineral ores, refinement and processing of toxic minerals, and raw exploitation of minerals and natural resources.


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