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Speeding up new industrial park building

FRIDAY, 22/07/2022 07:04:32

Together with those having been put into operation, Hai Duong is actively building six industrial parks (IP), including three expanded ones.

Leaders of Gia Loc district and the infrastructure investor check the progress of site clearance for Gia Loc industrial park

Relevant localities are rushing to speed up site clearance to hand over land to investors for infrastructure construction and investor attraction.

Site clearance in focus

In 2022, the province is striving for site clearance and construction of the technical infrastructure of six IPs, namely Gia Loc, An Phat 1, Kim Thanh, expanded Tan Truong, expanded Dai An, and expanded Phuc Dien, with a total area of nearly 1,135 ha. The new IPs will have 760 ha of industrial land for rent, and the rest are for technical infrastructure.

Gia Loc IP infrastructure building and trading project covers a total area of 197.74 ha, including 174.46 ha to be recovered and cleared. The district authorities have basically finished compensation and site clearance support for 111.86 ha and are reviewing the origin of the remaining area.

Gia Loc district authorities are endeavoring to have basically cleared and handed over land to the investor by the end of December 2022 for project implementation.

As scheduled, the district authorities are trying to finish compensation and site clearance support for 64 households in Toan Thang, Hoang Dieu, and Hong Hung communes before July 31. In early August, the district authorities will focus on clearing nearly 60 ha of land in Gia Loc township.

Of the six new and expanded IPs, two expanded ones are located in Cam Giang district. To date, 113 ha of land in the expanded Tan Truong IP have basically been cleared.

The district authorities are offering people financial support and compensation. Despite many difficulties and obstacles, the district authorities will try to accomplish site clearance in 2022 to hand over land to the investor to carry out the project as scheduled.

Seizing opportunity

Cam Giang district authorities hold a dialogue with people and businesses related to phase 2 of the expanded Dai An industrial park

Nam Sach district authorities have actively implemented and so far basically finished site clearance for An Phat 1 IP. This is the first of five districts having new and expanded IP projects to have finished land recovery.

The infrastructure investor, An Phat High-tech Industrial Park No.1 JSC., is realizing the project. It is expected that the IP will welcome secondary investors coming for production and business from the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Over the past time, leaders of the province have held many meetings and dialogues with enterprises, especially foreign ones, showing the province's special interest in attracting investment.

Besides, the provincial authorities are also building many key traffic projects to further facilitate the transport of goods.

The provincial authorities have also pledged to willingly create favorable conditions, especially clean grounds, for businesses to study, get access, and make investment decisions.

At the meetings, all enterprises highly appreciated the provincial investment environment and the potential of the new IPs under construction. Many businesses suggested investment in secondary projects in these IPs.

To seize this "golden" opportunity, the authorities of the localities to have the new IPs should further accelerate site clearance to help investors soon complete infrastructure to attract investment.



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