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Imprints of Japanese businesses in Hai Duong

MONDAY, 30/05/2022 19:35:42

Standing out for their production and business efficiency, Japanese enterprises in Hai Duong have made a good impression with corporate culture and many contributions to social security.

Vietnam Toyo Denso Co., Ltd. is one of typical Japanese enterprises in Hai Duong

Established in September 2006, Vietnam Toyo Denso Co., Ltd. in Nam Sach industrial park, Hai Duong city, is a reputable enterprise in the field of manufacturing electronic equipment and components.

With more than 3,000 workers, the firm annually produces and exports 65 – 70 million products to the US, Japan, China, Thailand, etc.

Along with strictly complying with legal provisions and fulfilling tax obligations (6-7 million USD/ year), the enterprise has actively backed charitable programs, often presents learning equipment to schools in the province, and is currently sponsoring two orphans.

To improve the efficiency of production and business, the company attaches special importance to professionally training workers and building a methodical way of working.

Factory director Tokunaga Masao said for nearly 16 years of investment and business in Hai Duong, the company had always received support from authorities and professional agencies. These are prerequisite advantages for the enterprise to feel secure and focus on investing in production.

Specializing in manufacturing high-tech electronic components, UMC Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Tan Truong industrial park, Cam Giang district, always innovates and modernizes its production lines.

With an initial investment of nearly 320 billion VND, the company has registered to increase capital nine times to match its production scale.

The firm exports nearly 54 million electronic circuit boards/ year and provides stable jobs for 2,700 laborers.

Apart from remarkable contributions to the budget, the enterprise's efforts to improve the quality of labor are worthy of recognition. Its employees are not only professionally trained but also carefully guided in working manners, thereby forming professional corporate culture, bringing into full play advantages of labor resources.

Japanese businesses always attach much importance to training and improving the quality of human resources

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, there are 60 Japanese investment projects with a total investment of over 1.4 billion USD in the province, ranking 2nd in terms of number and registered capital.

The main fields of production and business are electronic and mechanical components, telecommunications equipment, automotive electrical wires and cables, etc. with fairly high investment scales, averaging 24 million USD/ project.

Japanese investors' projects have been effective, promoting economic restructuring in Hai Duong.

In 2021, Japanese enterprises' export turnover reached 915 million USD, accounting for 9.3% and 12.4% of the province's export turnover and GRDP, respectively.

According to Tran Anh Tuan, Head of the provincial Industrial Zones Authority, Hai Duong gives priority to attracting investment projects from Japan for outstanding advantages in production and business, especially special attention paid to environmental protection.

In addition to electricity and electronics, the province would like to call for investment and cooperation with Japan on the fields of supporting industries, logistics, energy, etc.

"Our unit is always willing to support and proactively grasps and removes difficulties and obstacles of active businesses and those coming for investment. With the standpoint of always putting businesses at the center, we will continue to coordinate with relevant departments to report obstacles to the provincial Party Committee and People's Committee for timely handling, create the most favorable conditions for Japanese enterprises to develop production and expand investment and business, and strengthen confidence in and reputation of the province for Japanese investors to identify themselves with Hai Duong," affirmed Tran Anh Tuan.



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