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Hai Duong gives ear to FDI businesses

THURSDAY, 30/03/2023 17:10:11

A meeting between Hai Duong provincial leaders and foreign-invested (FDI) enterprises in the locality is scheduled for mid-April.

Chairman cum Director-general of GBS Group Kim Ye Soo speaks at a seminar with RoK FDI enterprises in 2022

There are 490 FDI projects from such countries and territories as Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in Hai Duong with a total registered capital of more than 9 billion USD, reported the Department of Planning and Investment.

FDI businesses have made important contributions to the provincial development over the past years with a large proportion in State budget payments and recruitment of thousands of local workers.

The provincial authorities organized two large-scale seminars with RoK and Japanese enterprises in 2022 apart from meetings with separate FDI businesses to create investment opportunities or remove difficulties in production.

All FDI companies highly appreciated that the provincial leaders and consulting departments were open-minded and ready to share and accompany them.

At a seminar with RoK FDI enterprises in early April 2022, Chairman cum Director-general of GBS Group Kim Ye Soo was impressed at the goodwill of Hai Duong leaders as they proactively approached, grasped, and frankly and openly communicated with enterprises.

This is a favorable beginning to tighten later cooperation and association.

UMC Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Cam Giang district is one of five businesses honored at a meeting between the provincial leaders and Japanese FDI enterprises at the end of May 2022.

The company had a chance to directly offer suggestions and become closer to other businesses thanks to the meeting.

Its representative Yokouchi Tsutomu said Hai Duong had many favorable conditions to retain businesses. In which, leaders’ attention and companionship will encourage the enterprise to be more active in production and business.

The provincial authorities are actively making preparations for another event this year on the basis of successful meetings and seminars in 2022.

It will be a general meeting with FDI enterprises in the locality unlike previous ones with FDI companies by country.

FDI enterprises have made important contributions to the provincial economic development

The provincial leaders required departments, sectors, and local authorities to frankly answer difficulties and problems of FDI enterprises at this meeting, according to the Department of Planning and Investment.

They were also asked to choose a number of FDI businesses with outstanding achievements in production and business, remarkable contributions to the State budget, good regimes and policies for employees, and compliance with legal provisions for honoring.

The meeting is an opportunity to propagate the provincial socio-economic situation and orientation for development and attraction of investment.

Hai Duong’s potential and strengths will be introduced, promoting the attraction of investment in association with popularizing the provincial image to foreign partners and investors.

This is also a chance to strengthen cooperation between the province and Central bodies. They are expected to offer orientation in attracting investment and accompany the province in supporting FDI enterprises with investment research and investigation.

The meeting between the provincial leaders and FDI enterprises will take place in mid-April at the Xu Dong Cultural Center.

About 500 delegates will attend the event, including guests from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Planning and Investment, the Vietnam Chamber of Trade and Industry, and the Vietnam's Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises.

The meeting will also feature infrastructure investors apart from FDI enterprises.

The meeting, with its scale and contents, is expected to leave an imprint in improving the provincial investment and business environment and competitiveness.


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