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4 industrial parks fully occupied

FRIDAY, 24/06/2022 13:29:29

According to the provincial Industrial Parks (IP) Authority, there are 11 active IPs in the province with the occupancy rate reaching nearly 84%.

Four IPs have been fully occupied, namely Nam Sach, Phuc Dien, Tan Truong, and An Phat Complex.

Lai Cach IP has the lowest occupancy rate, only over 33%.

The rate of investment in IP infrastructure is about 6.5 billion VND/ha.

In 2022, the province is striving for site clearance and construction of technical infrastructure in six IPs in Cam Giang, Gia Loc, Nam Sach, and Kim Thanh districts with a total area of nearly 1,135 ha, including 760 ha of industrial land for rent, and the rest for technical infrastructure construction.



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