Happily sharing red blood drops

SUNDAY, 14/06/2020 16:45:22

For nearly 10 years of operation, the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune, Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province, has frequently donated blood to help patients in and outside the province escape death.

Luyen always treasures a photo of Uncle Ho given by Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh in 2017

Saving patients' life

It's been several years but Vu Thi Luyen (born in 1975) in Soi To hamlet, an active member of the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune, still remembers exactly the time she donated blood to a resident of the hamlet.

While transporting groceries for shops, Luyen received a phone call asking her to donate blood to L.T.H. who was undergoing emergency aid because of gastric haemorrhage at the General Hospital of Binh Giang district (now the district Health Center). Meeting each other later, H. often said she still owed Luyen and her husband.

"I do not donate blood for anything but for a simple thought that I am healthy, so I should share it for other people to overcome sickness," said Luyen.

This is not the first time Luyen's blood has contributed to saving patients' life.

Many years ago, hearing that there was a critical case because of extrauterine pregnancy at Hospital E (Ha Noi) while peddling her wares nearby, Luyen went to the hospital and suggested blood donation.

She did not accept any gifts or financial support after many times of blood donation like that.

Luyen and her husband, Pham Dinh Phan (born in 1973), are two active members of the club. 

Working as goods transporters of shops in and outside the province, so whenever engaged in blood donation programs, Luyen and her husband have to be off work that day.

Starting to donate blood in 2000, to date, the couple has had 27 blood donation certificates though the actual number of blood donation times is greater.

Their two sons have also donated blood many times.

In 2020, her family was granted a certificate of merit by the district People's Committee chairman for outstanding achievements in the blood donation movement in the 2010 – 2020 period.

Previously, her family was given a certificate of merit by the provincial People's Committee chairman, and Luyen was personally awarded a certificate of merit by the Minister of Health.

Like Luyen, Mai Quoc Hung (born in 1978), a member of the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune, has donated blood many times to help rescue patients from death.

In 2008, while waiting for his child who was undergoing emergency surgery at Viet Duc University Hospital, Hung heard doctors say that there was a traffic accident victim with a shoulder fracture. 

At that time, the hospital was completely out of blood type B+, so they requested patients' relatives with appropriate blood types to donate blood to help save the patient.

Knowing that his blood type was suitable, though worrying about the surgery of his child, Hung still donated blood to the victim. After timely blood transfusion, the patient was no longer in critical condition.

Since then, Hung has actively joined in blood donation and mobilized locals to donate blood. To date, he has donated blood more than 20 times.

Spreading affection

Many members of the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune still remember the club founding time.

About 10 years ago, a person in the commune needed blood transfusion every month because of a strange disease. There were many times medical facilities were out of blood for transfusion to the patient.

Pham Van Da (born in 1965), Chairman of the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune, and Hung, Secretary of the commune Youth Union, mobilized many youngsters and residents in the commune to donate blood to that person. Each time the patient went to Ha Noi for treatment, 5 – 6 people in the commune followed him for blood transfusion.

After that, the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune was founded and Da was elected chairman. Club members are those actively participating in and mobilizing blood donation and doctors and nurses responsible for propagandizing and spreading the blood donation movement.

About ten years ago, the blood donation movement was not as strong as it is now, so it was very difficult to persuade people to join.

"At that time, many people did not dare to donate blood for fear of affecting their health. Therefore, every time, the club members were the first to register for blood donation. Seeing us donate blood many times but still relatively healthy, many people then changed their awareness about blood donation," said Da.

The club once had the highest membership of 25 people, and now there are about 17 members. Before every blood donation spell, the members not only inform each other to join together but also share the way to stay healthy.

The families of Vu Thi Luyen, Pham Van Da, Nhu Dinh Tiep, and Pham Van Thao have been honored as blood donating families whose members having donated blood 9 – 27 times.

Since its establishment, the club members have donated about 200 blood units.

"All members of the Blood Donation Club of Thai Hoc commune consider blood donation a noble charitable act contributing to sharing life. This is a typical unit in the district in mobilizing and spreading the blood donation movement," affirmed Pham Van Quyet, Chairman of the Red Cross Society of Binh Giang district.



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