Hai Duong City Power provides customer services

MONDAY, 08/04/2019 15:07:38

Hai Duong City Power held a meeting on April 5 afternoon to provide customer services and bid for electricity work contracts.

Hai Duong City Power informs the enterprises attending the meeting about its services

Representatives of more than 30 businesses in the city attended the event.

Hai Duong City Power will sign agreements on electricity connection and trading with those buying electricity from the medium voltage grid with the total capacity of substations at one electricity purchasing location under 2,000 kVA and from the low voltage grid besides electricity retail services as prescribed; contract with customers connected to the grids managed by the City Power for management and operation of electricity works; and provide repair, troubleshooting, and periodic testing services for customers in Hai Duong city.

Those registering to use the power sector's customer services will pay costs in accordance with regulations.

These are optional services. However, if customers register to use the services, checking, repair, and troubleshooting will be much more convenient to them.



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