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FRIDAY, 29/05/2020 16:55:45

The Government's Decree 41/2020/ND-CP dated April 8, 2020 has helped many enterprises and business households overcome difficulties caused by the impacts of Covid-19.

The provincial Taxation Department has arranged officials to receive applications for extension of tax payment to support enterprises

Tax payment extension

Duy Duc Tuan, Director of NamLee International Co., Ltd. in Long Xuyen industrial cluster, Kinh Mon, said because of Covid-19, all of his company's orders to the US were delayed. Many goods were exported but its partners were insolvent because of bankruptcy.

"In the time of heaped difficulties, tax bodies informed my company about the extension of the payment of nearly VND165 million in corporate income taxes from balance difference in 2019. The amount is not much but has contributed to helping my company overcome difficulties and wait for new opportunities," said Tuan.

There are 198 business households and 215 enterprises in Hai Duong city entitled to extension of the payment of about VND12.3 billion in taxes and land rents. Though affecting the task of collection for the local budget, the extension will contribute to helping business households and enterprises overcome difficulties caused by the epidemic.

"To help business households and enterprises quickly access the Government's policies, our sub-department has focused on propaganda, review, listing, and instruction of households to apply for extension in accordance with the Government's regulations," said Vu Thai Duong, Head of the Hai Duong city Taxation Sub-department.

Covid-19 has caused many restaurants to close and a lot of enterprises to encounter difficulties.

Tran Duc Canh, CEO of Sao Bien JSC. in Hai Duong city, said his restaurant had closed for many days because of Covid-19 with no revenue while the staff still had to be paid, piling up difficulties.

"The tax sector's extension of the payment of nearly VND144 million taxes is very meaningful to us," said Canh.

According to the provincial Taxation Department, 859 enterprises and 300 individuals in the province have applied for extension of tax and land rent payment following Decree 41 with a total amount of nearly VND271 billion, consisting of value added taxes (VND76.4 billion), corporate income taxes (VND146.5 billion), and land rents (VND48 billion).

Further concomitance

The Government's Decree 41 will help enterprises, especially garment and textile ones, overcome difficulties

Nguyen Trong Tien, Deputy Director of the provincial Taxation Department, assessed that in the first months of the year, budget revenue was lower than planned because many enterprises and business households were heavily affected by Covid-19.

A lot of production and service sectors of the province were influenced such as tourism, transport, import, export, agricultural, forestry, and fishery production, etc.

For lack of temporary labor and input supply chain interruption, numerous small- and micro-sized enterprises had to shrink production and business.

In that context, the Government's Decree 41 assisted enterprises and business households in overcoming the difficult period and maintaining production.

Because the large number of dossiers of enterprises and business households must be processed in a short time, the provincial Taxation Department has required specialized divisions and regional and city taxation sub-departments to arrange suitable numbers of officials and public servants to accurately and timely handle relevant issues.

Tax bodies should continue to intensify propaganda and dissemination of the extension of tax and land rent payment to taxpayers in the area, provide instructions on necessary procedures, promptly answer taxpayers' questions, review enterprises entitled to the policy and send an open letter and instructions to make and submit applications for extension in the Etax system to each of them by email, etc.

To create favorable conditions for enterprises and business households, tax bodies have arranged officials to directly and quickly receive applications for extension of tax and land rent payment at one-stop sections in accordance with procedures without causing inconvenience to taxpayers.

Apart from direct reception, tax bodies also accept applications for extension via the sector's portal, quickly and accurately handle dossiers right on the tax sector's applications, and daily inform the inspection section of a list of taxpayers submitting dossiers requesting extension for comparison with the database and the actual situation of the taxpayers' production and business to define cases unqualified for extension.

"The provincial Taxation Department frequently captures and promptly summarizes difficulties and obstacles in the course of implementation to report to competent authorities for timely consideration and removal to create conditions and an environment for taxpayers to restore production and business," Tien added.



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