Businesses strive to overcome "Covid-19 storm"

TUESDAY, 05/05/2020 18:21:05

Both preventing Covid-19 and seeking opportunities to overcome difficulties, many Hai Duong-based enterprises have flexibly adjusted production and business to adapt to the situation.

Experts of Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power Plant work online

Ensuring progress of billion-dollar project

By last March, after nearly 10 years of construction, more than 90% of the construction and installation of large and small equipment of Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power Plant in Quang Thanh commune, Kinh Mon provincial town, had been completed with separate devices and  a number of systems tested.

With a total investment of about USD2.2 billion, the plant was in the final stage to be connected to a 220 kV transmission network, and the first set of machinery as well as the entire project was prepared to be put into operation in the 4th quarter of this year and the 2nd quarter of 2021, respectively.

It is expected that the plant will annually provide 7.5 billion kWh of electricity for the national grid.

The outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic changed the investor's calculations.

"The project was in the stage of construction and testing, which was basically on schedule when the epidemic broke out. Many Chinese project managers, equipment manufacturing experts, and engineers could not return to work. Some materials and equipment needed could not be imported as scheduled so the project implementation was likely to be delayed," said Do Manh Hung, Head of the Government Relations and Business Development Department of Jaks Hai Duong Power Co., Ltd.

Facing these difficulties, the company coordinated with contractors to mobilize Chinese experts and workers used to work for other thermal projects in the country to come for help.

The company also asked the Chinese experts and engineers yet to be able to return to Vietnam to switch to online working and communication.

The company has made a list of Chinese experts and engineers needing to return to Vietnam to request appropriate authorities of the two countries to create a specific mechanism for them to enter Vietnam.

The firm is willing to use private cars or aircraft to transport the experts and workers on the list as well as pledging to strictly observe epidemic prevention measures.

Flexible turning

Hoang Phat Group Co., Ltd. has exported batches of face masks to many countries around the world
When the epidemic broke out, Hoang Phat Group Co., Ltd., whose factory is headquartered in Viet Hoa industrial cluster (Hai Duong city), studied the direction of major garment brands in the country like May 10, Vinatex, etc. and boldly changed its way to approach the market.

"Skilled workers would not face too many obstacles when switching to sewing face masks. The hardest thing for us in the early days was the consumer market," said Ha Van Manh, director of the company.

The company has been granted a certificate of conformity for face masks bearing Hoang Phat Group brand by the TQC Testing and Quality Certification Center.

Raw materials used for face mask production are also carefully chosen from reputable foreign markets, mainly the Philippines.

With the capacity of manufacturing 30,000 face masks/ day, the first batches have been exported to Laos and Malaysia. In the coming time, the company will expand its markets to Germany, Canada, Austria, and many other countries.

While many fine art woodwork shops have had to shut down to meet Covid-19 prevention requirements, Oanh Diep fine art workshop of Thinh Phat Woodwork Trade and Services Co., Ltd. in Dong Giao wood carving village, Luong Dien commune, Cam Giang district, still maintains production.

As soon as the Prime Minister issued Directive 16 on social distancing, the workshop prepared a house covering an area of about 160 m2 with electricity, water, etc. to serve workers working and living in the workshop free of charge.

"There are two options but almost all workers chose to work at home. They can borrow sculpture kits, power-saws, handheld grinders, and material wood from the workshop to be able to work effectively right at home," said Vu Van Diep, director of the company.

All work from designing and technical exchange to product promotion is done online via social networking sites like Facebook, Zalo, and YouTube.

Because of Covid-19, the company’s plans for export to its main market of China have encountered difficulties. Therefore, in the time to come, the fine art woodwork shop will double sales in the domestic market.

In the face of difficulties, aside from the rise of enterprises themselves, without encouragement, support, and facilitiation of authorities at all levels, it will be difficult for enterprises to hold out.

In his speech to conclude the 139th meeting of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hien stressed that Covid-19 would continue to cause difficulties and challenges for the provincial socio-economic development.

The Board for Party Civil Affairs of the provincial People's Committee should continue to direct drastic implementation of anti-epidemic measures, and expeditiously and well realize the Government's Resolution 42/NQ-CP on measures to support people facing difficulties because of Covid-19.

Along with that, departments, sectors, and local authorities should firmly grasp the situation, promptly work out flexible and effective plans and measures to help enterprises continue to stabilize and restore production and business, etc.


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