Trade and tourism promotion highlights

THURSDAY, 02/06/2022 15:34:58

A series of trade and tourism promotion events organized by the People's Committee of Hai Duong province with many programs and activities have contributed to propagandizing agricultural, typical, and tourism products of the province.

The Japanese ambassador delegation enjoys the experience of picking lychees in Ha Vinh hamlet, Thanh Quang commune, Thanh Ha district

A series of trade and tourism promotion events were held from May 28 to June 1. During the period, many products were displayed and introduced at the Xu Dong Cultural Center, such as the specialty of thieu lychee, staple farm produce, industrial, small industrial, and OCOP products, handicrafts, digital devices, typical tourism products of the province, etc., for propaganda and trade connection, contributing to better consumption of the provincial products.

Within the framework of the events, the provincial People's Committee organized an international conference promoting sustainable trade for thieu lychee and typical products in both in-person and virtual forms with 37 domestic and foreign terminals and more than 50 branch terminals of businesses importing and exporting agricultural products.

Reporters from more than 70 press agencies directly attended the conference for reporting and hundreds of others watched the event online at home and abroad.

A new feature of this year's Export Lychee Garden Opening Ceremony in Thanh Quang commune, Thanh Ha district, is that besides representatives of businesses, there were famous artists and football and table tennis players.

With their participation in a lychee picking contest, they contributed to propagandizing and introducing Thanh Ha thieu lychees to numerous people in and outside the province.

Recently, a Japanese ambassador delegation has visited the ancestral lychee tree in Thuy Lam hamlet, Thanh Son commune, and an export lychee area in Thanh Quang commune, Thanh Ha district.

A series of trade and tourism promotion events are organized for propaganda and trade connection, contributing to better consumption of Hai Duong province's products

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Vietnam Yamada Takio was delighted to directly visit and enjoy delicious thieu lychees in Thanh Ha.

The ambassador hoped that Hai Duong province would bring quality lychees to Japanese people, facilitate Japanese businesses' operation, and strengthen long-term solidarity and attachment.

Lychee gardens in Thanh Ha were also chosen by the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for travel groups and reporters from several press agencies to survey and experience in addition to some familiar destinations like historical relics, famous landscapes, and trade villages like in the past. Thereby, travel businesses will develop tours, and reporters will run propaganda articles to attract visitors to Hai Duong.

This activity was also part of the Trade Promotion and Tourism Week.

Over 200 corporations, trade centers, supermarkets, commercial and service units, and farm produce processers and exporters in Vietnam and more than 10 countries watched and connected trade at the conference promoting sustainable trade for thieu lychee and typical products of the province.

After the conference, through online trading sessions, more than 30 businesses and cooperatives producing, processing, selling, and exporting farm produce and food in Vietnam contacted 15 foreign enterprises.

It is estimated that this crop, the amount of lychees exported to demanding markets will double the previous crop with more than 4,000 tons, accounting for over 7% of the total lychee yield in the province.



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