People better off, communes can rely

THURSDAY, 16/06/2022 14:59:50

Economic development is both a goal and a motivation for communes to build new-style rural areas.

Authorities of Nam Tan commune, Nam Sach district, have mobilized people to donate 4,000 m2 of land and more than 7 billion VND for road enlargement

Over the past years, localities have had orientations and many policies to help people improve their income and quality of life.

There are about 1,100 fish cages of 60 households in Nam Tan commune, Nam Sach district. The locality also has the most fish cages in the North.

Tran Huy Hung in Trung Ha hamlet is one of large-scale fish cage raisers in the commune with 35 specialty fish cages and 15 breeding fish cages in the Kinh Thay river.

He also has 10 ha of land along a dyke for cattle raising.

He annually makes a profit of about 1 billion VND on cage fish alone and provides jobs for many local laborers.

With a favorable geographical position along national highway 5, Co Dung commune, Kim Thanh district, has potential to develop small industry and handicraft with traditional carpentry.

With more than 100 years of development, a trade village there has created a stable source of income for locals.

In 2008, Bac carpentry hamlet was recognized as a traditional trade village by the provincial People's Committee.

At present, there are more than 40 carpentry households in the hamlet, providing regular jobs for over 300 laborers with a monthly income of 8-10 million VND/person.

According to Chairman of the commune People's Committee Nguyen Danh Mau, the trade village annually earns 100-120 billion VND in revenue.

Apart from carpentry, the commune also has advantages to develop transport services.

Traditional carpentry in Co Dung commune, Kim Thanh district, has brought high income to many households there

Economic development is a favorable condition for people to contribute to new-style rural building.

Nam Tan and Co Dung are only two of many communes in the province which have exploited their potential and advantages for economic development, helping locals raise their income.

These are also leading localities in the provincial new-style rural building movement. Both of them have been recognized as advanced new-style rural areas and are continuing their way to become model ones.

"During 10 years of new-style rural building, the commune authorities raised nearly 30 billion VND from locals. In addition, 350 households were mobilized to donate more than 4,000 m2 of land and over 7 billion VND and dismantle many works to enlarge roads and field paths," said Hoang Van Toan, Chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Tan commune.

Along with infrastructure construction, rural economy developed, and agricultural production changed in the direction of improving value and efficiency.

There were many mechanisms and policies supporting agricultural and rural development like zoning concentrated rice and vegetable cultivation for high economic value and expanding farming models following good agricultural practices to heighten product quality.

Investment in infrastructure of industry, handicraft, and services was done in a concentrated direction, creating an equal environment for development...

In 2020, up to 98% of people of working age in rural areas had regular jobs, and the provincial gross product reached 69.8 million VND per capita, 1.6 times higher than 2015.

In the 2011 – 2021 period, over 58,383 billion VND was raised in the province for new-style rural building. In which, people contributed more than 5,461.3 billion VND, accounting for 9.35%.



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