Innovating promotion, sale of Chi Linh longans

TUESDAY, 19/07/2022 14:22:01

This year, internationally-standardized longan growing areas in Chi Linh city have been enlarged with stable quality.

Since the beginning of the crop, more than 2 tons of longans of Dao Van Vien's family have been sold, and businesses have registered to buy the remaining output for export

Longan promotion and sale are aimed at market diversification, focusing on the high-end domestic market and fastidious foreign markets.

Market diversification

On July 17 afternoon, the first two quintals of longans were on sale for 80,000 – 100,000 VND/kg at BigGreen clean store in Ha Noi.

This is the 2nd crop that BigGreen Vietnam Clean Food Company has purchased longans in Chi Linh.

After nearly one day of offering, Chi Linh longans were highly appreciated by consumers for being big, round, good looking, pulpy, and succulent. This is a good start of this year's longan crop in Chi Linh.

Besides the high-end domestic market, Chi Linh longans also meet standards for export to many fastidious countries.

In the coming time, Ameii Vietnam JSC. will export the first batches of longans to European countries.

"We are continuing to work with foreign partners to increase the amount of longans purchased for export," said Ngo Thi Thu Hong, Director-general of Ameii Vietnam JSC.

"In addition, Ameii is the longan distributor of AEON's retail system in the country.

"As long as longans meet quality standard, my company will buy longans from farmers at a good price."

In 2021, overcoming difficulties and challenges caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, Chi Linh longans sold well. In particular, about 20 tons of longans were bought by businesses for export to European countries and Australia.

No longer in a passive position like in the previous longan crop, Chi Linh city authorities have proactively searched for and expanded markets and strengthened cooperation between enterprises and farmers.

Trade promotion has recorded many innovations, creativity, and proactive connection between businesses and production households.

Stable quality

According to Tran Nhat Tam, Director of Hoang Hoa Tham Agricultural Service Cooperative, main-crop longans will be harvested in about one month.

In previous VietGAP longan growing areas, farmers formed a habit, so they maintain cultivation following VietGAP standard.

"Some areas are assisted by the provincial authorities in GlobalGAP-oriented cultivation, resulting in higher quality. Many enterprises have come to survey and planned to buy longans for export," said Tam.

There are 740 ha of longans in Chi Linh city with an estimated yield of 3,800 tons, down about 200 tons compared to 2021.

The locality has four export longan growing area codes eligible for export to Thailand, Australia, and the US.

This year, the city has two more longan growing regions covering an area of about 20 ha in Hoang Hoa Tham commune and Hoang Tien ward meeting GlobalGAP standard.

It is expected that nearly 200 tons of longans will satisfy standards for export to fastidious markets.

According to Le Thi Hue, Deputy Head of the city Division of Economy, preliminary test results of fruit samples at Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang Co., Ltd. showed that more than 800 active plant protection elements were within the permissible threshold. Thus, longans in regions following VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards meet export standards.



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