Four East – West trunk-road construction points

WEDNESDAY, 10/08/2022 10:38:14

​The East – West trunk-road's section in Thanh Mien district is 14.15 km long, spanning eight communes of Doan Ket, Le Hong, Lam Son, Tu Cuong, Cao Thang, Ngu Hung, Chi Lang Bac, and Thanh Giang.

The contractor is building the first 8.3 km in Thanh Mien district

The contractor is building the first 8.3 km in Thanh Mien district.

By August 9, each construction point had dug and covered the foundation of 300 - 400 m of the road with sand.

As assessed by the investor, site clearance is currently behind schedule. If the ground is not cleared in time, construction will be very difficult because there is no access road, especially the section from provincial road 392C to Phi Xa bridge.

The East – West trunk-road will cross Thanh Mien, Ninh Giang, and Tu Ky districts with a length of 36.5 km.

The starting point (Km 0) will intersect provincial road 392C, adjoin and connect with a bridge across the Chanh river (built by Hung Yen provincial authorities) in Doan Ket commune, Thanh Mien district, and the end point (Km36+665) will intersect provincial road 391 in Cong Lac commune, Tu Ky district.

The provincial Construction and Investment Project Management Board is the investor of the project, which is being carried out from 2022 to 2024.



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