Secrets of national brand achievement

THURSDAY, 08/12/2022 16:00:35

This year, three Hai Duong-based businesses had products achieving the national brand (NB) title. To win this prestigious award, each enterprise has its own secret.

Long Hai Co., Ltd.’s products have earned the National Brand title three times

It was the third time Long Hai Co., Ltd. had satisfied rigorous criteria to be honored to have NB-winning products.

For more than 20 years of presence in the market, the enterprise has always maintained its position as the leading unit in jelly processing.

When bringing products to customers, the company always attaches special importance to developing interactive channels to listen to and absorb feedback and improve goods according to tastes. To date, the firm has launched eight main product lines, each of which serves a separate customer group.

On the other hand, the business pays special attention to food hygiene and safety and always innovates production machinery and equipment in a modern, economical, and eco-friendly direction.

The company’s distribution system covers 63 provinces and cities, but intermediaries are limited so that consumers can enjoy the most preferential prices.

Established in 2008, Minh Phu Steel JSC. in Tan Truong industrial park, Cam Giang district, always strives to become a strong enterprise in the field of manufacturing steel products.

With the motto of sustainable development, the company has received the NB title twice. Its factory has a capacity of 30,000 tons of steel/ month with more than 2,000 agencies nationwide and access to markets in the US, South Korea, Thailand, etc.

According to a representative of the company, it defines intelligence, creativity, and solidarity as the core values, thereby offering appropriate and effective commitments of action and guaranteed quality policies.

The company’s brand name was built from not only workers’ records and certificates but also customers’ favor. Regardless of any subjective or objective difficulties, the firm always sets high growth goals to strive to achieve them.

Chu Dau Ceramics JSC.’s products are attractive to visitors. Photo: Duc Toan

Besides ensuring the quantity and quality of products, the businesses owning NB-winning products have also spread many other values.

For more than 20 years of striving, Chu Dau Ceramics JSC. in Nam Sach district has had nationally-branded products.

The company revitalized a pottery line that was lost in the 18th century. With enthusiasm and proper orientation, the firm not only contributed to the revival of an ancient profession but also helped Chu Dau pottery make great strides.

The company innovated designs to balance and harmonize traditional identity with modern life. As a result, it has achieved success in business with relatively stable revenue of more than 100 billion VND/ year.

According to Nguyen Huu Hiep, deputy director of the company, developing Chu Dau pottery is not only a business but also a responsibility to preserve the national identity. Therefore, the unit welcomes organizations and individuals visiting to feel the nation’s cultural quintessence more deeply.

Aside from being the leading brand in jelly product making, Long Hai Co., Ltd. is also known as a unit for the community and social security. Each year, the company spends tens of billion VND on sport and social security activities.

In addition to focusing on taking care of disadvantaged people working at its factory, the enterprise has also shared and helped a lot of unfortunate lives in society. The unit targets the vulnerable and pays special attention to poor children. As a result, its image and brand name have been developed more comprehensively.



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