[Photos] People in An Thanh, Vinh Lap communes collect over 20 tons of ruoi/day

FRIDAY, 25/11/2022 11:14:45

At present, people in An Thanh commune, Tu Ky district, and Vinh Lap commune, Thanh Ha district, are busy collecting main-crop ruoi (ragworm).

This year, the yield of ruoi averages 30 kg per sao (360 m²), equivalent to last year’s figure.

This has been the biggest harvest so far this season. On November 24 alone, people in the two communes collected more than 20 tons of ruoi. It is expected that the harvest will last until the end of November 27.

Currently, traders are buying ruoi on the spot for 330,000 - 350,000 VND/kg, down 20,000 - 30,000 VND/kg compared to the previous year.

The price of ruoi decreased because of many difficulties in exporting ruoi to China this year. Ruoi is mainly sold in and outside the province.

According to ruoi exploitation households in An Thanh and Vinh Lap communes, this year, ruoi appeared later than previous years due to changes in weather.

Right on the morning of November 24, when the north wind comes with light rain - the typical weather signaling a ruoi harvest, many traders flock to An Thanh commune, Tu Ky district, to buy ruoi

According to people's assessment, this year's ruoi is bigger and more equal than in previous years

Ruoi is hung to dry before weighing for sale to traders

Nguyen Huu Bach’s family in Thuan My hamlet, Vinh Lap commune, Thanh Ha district, harvests about 2 tons of ruoi on November 24

A trader rejoices over buying a lot of ruoi

This has been the biggest harvest since the beginning of the season

Tu Ky district’s An Thanh commune is the locality having the largest ruoi and fiddler exploitation area in the province with more than 177 ha, including 40 ha in fields, and the rest along rivers

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