Tet goods production season begins

TUESDAY, 22/11/2022 15:38:05

Many businesses and production facilities in the province have begun producing goods for Tet (Lunar New Year) with high expectations.

Hoang Giang JSC. in Hai Duong city strives to produce about 600 tons of goods to serve the Tet market

With more than two months left until 2023 Quy Mao Tet, many businesses and production facilities in the province have begun producing goods for Tet with high expectations because the Covid-19 pandemic has been checked.

To serve Tet, Long Hai Co., Ltd. in Hai Duong city has planned to produce about 10,100 tons of products, up about 10% over last Tet.

The production plan was based on the output of each product line, labor norm, market supply time, products' expiry date, etc. From there, the company will consider production time and arrange labor in the most reasonable way.

From market assessments, Hoang Giang JSC. in Hai Duong city will produce about 600 tons of goods for Tet shopping needs, a surge of 30 – 40% compared to last Tet. To satisfy orders, the unit, specializing in producing bean cakes, peanut candy, cereal powder, etc., has recruited about 50 more seasonal workers.

“This year, the price of many input materials rose by 10 – 20% year on year because of market fluctuations, transport costs, labor, etc. Therefore, we have to balance and reduce expenditure and find more consumption markets to increase output and stabilize prices at the same time,” said Dao Quang Chuyen, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

Incense making villages in Quoc Tuan commune, Nam Sach district, have been busy since the 10th lunar month

Incense making facilities in Quoc Tuan commune, Nam Sach district, have been busy since the beginning of the 10th lunar month.

According to Vice Chairman of the commune People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Quy, there are more than 60 incense making facilities in the commune. The number of orders has skyrocketed for Tet is drawing near.

“It is expected that my family’s facility will increase production by about 50% compared to last year. Though there are supporting machines, many stages still have to be done manually, so we have hired more workers to ensure the progress of orders,” said Tran Cong Manh in Truc Tri hamlet, Quoc Tuan commune.

Businesses and production facilities must learn about market needs to promptly grasp trends and consumers’ tastes.

Long Hai Co., Ltd. has assigned routes and localities to its employees and bought 1.5 ton trucks to carry products to villages and markets in remote and isolated areas to serve consumers.

Many incense production facilities in Quoc Tuan commune have to hire more workers to keep up with Tet orders

It renovated the production process and invested in equipment to enhance productivity and efficiency to offset transportation costs.

Therefore, the company does not increase selling prices to keep its brand's reputation among consumers.

In addition, the firm frequently improves the quality, design, and packaging of products to attract consumers.

This year, Hoang Giang JSC. has released some new products, such as fortune absorbing gourds, Tet peach flowers, Long Phung lotus gift baskets, etc.

Van Giang confectionery facility in Hai Duong city has created new products like matcha peanut candy, almond peanut candy, brown rice candy, and truncated-cone-shaped cakes decorated with sprigs of eye-catching red and yellow buds; produced luxury candy boxes suitable to be gifts; etc.



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