[Photos] Toan Phat Co Ltd develops post-pandemic production

WEDNESDAY, 05/10/2022 09:20:11

Toan Phat Co., Ltd. in Hung Thinh industrial cluster, Binh Giang district, estimates that its revenue in 2022 will reach 220 billion VND, up 30 billion VND over 2021.

To achieve the above result, the enterprise has focused on accelerating development ever since the Covid-19 pandemic was controlled.

350,000 agricultural, industrial, and constructional machines have been manufactured and assembled in 2022.

Many products have been recognized as typical rural industrial ones at provincial, regional, and national levels such as rice grinders, needle vibrators, water pumps, vehicle washers, etc.

A lot of distributors have provided the company's products for the Government's projects to help highlanders.

The water pumps recognized as national typical rural industrial products in 2021 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The company uses modern technology to put shafts through rotors

Workers master modern CNC technology for shaft lathing

The enterprise has a young and highly skilled workforce

It provides stable jobs for 130 laborers with per capita income of 7 – 8 million VND/month

Its agricultural, industrial, and constructional machines are popular in the domestic market

The company always cares about its employees' lives, helps those in difficult circumstances, supports each worker from afar with 500,000 VND/month to pay rental charges, etc.



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