Hai Duong lychees conquer domestic market

TUESDAY, 28/06/2022 18:02:25

Besides exported batches, Hai Duong lychees have conquered domestic customers thanks to their unique deliciousness that cannot be found anywhere else.

Consumers love the typical deliciousness of Hai Duong lychees

This crop, Thanh Ha district has a different lychee selling strategy from previous years.

In the past, about 70% of lychees were exported to China, and the rest exported to fastidious markets or domestically consumed.

However, this year, due to China's application of the "Zero Covid" policy, right at the beginning of the crop, the district authorities and the agricultural sector worked out scenarios to facilitate the consumption of lychees, with special importance attached to domestic consumption to minimize dependence on China. Thus, aside from export, the domestic market was defined as the main consumption place.

Along with that, Thanh Ha district authorities and the agricultural sector guided lychee growers to improve product quality.

Besides 189 growing area codes for export with an area of more than 600 ha, Thanh Ha also has 4,000 ha of lychees cultivated following good agricultural practices with an output of about 27,000 tons.

Pham Huy Mo, Head of the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, excitedly said: "Most farmers have mastered cultivation techniques according to good agricultural practices, resulting in equal and better fruit quality compared to previous crops and other localities in the country."

"This is a plus point of Hai Duong lychees this crop. Both the yield and price of lychees are higher than previous years. As soon as ripe, lychees are sold out."

As assessed by many businesses, compared to export, domestic consumption still has many strong points as it not only reduces risks for enterprises but also brings safe and quality products to consumers.

With a population of nearly 100 million people, the domestic market is a potential one of not only lychees but also many other agricultural products.

To fully exploit the domestic market, producers should change their thinking and produce clean and quality products to serve domestic consumption instead of only export as before.



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