Main-crop thieu lychees - outstanding quality

TUESDAY, 21/06/2022 16:56:03

Main-crop Thanh Ha thieu lychees are being harvested and assessed to have outstanding quality by consumers.

Consumers in Ha Noi are interested in Thanh Ha thieu lychees

This year, because of weather’s impact, the yield of main-crop thieu lychees in Thanh Ha is not high. With an output of about 13,000 tons, farmers do not worry about consumption because the quality of lychees is increasingly improved and favoured by consumers.

Apart from export, thieu lychees are also strongly consumed in the giftware segment.

At the 2022 market of agricultural products and specialties of Red River Delta localities held in Ha Noi from June 17 to 19, Thanh Ha thieu lychees drew special attention of consumers.

When knowing that there were thieu lychees at the market, Vu Ha in Ha Noi took advantage of the opportunity to come and buy right away.

“Whenever Thanh Ha thieu lychees are displayed here, I will come and buy. The fruit is fragrant, delicious, and sweet, very different from other places,” said Ha.

Trade promotion activities annually take place at the market, so many lychee gastronomes proactively contact garden owners and cooperatives having lychees for purchase. Therefore, besides display, Thanh Ha farmers have sold a large amount of lychees through this market.

Nguyen Minh Tien, Director of the Trade Promotion Center for Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, highly appreciated the quality of Thanh Ha thieu lychees.

The fruit has been methodically invested in from cultivation to brand development, had a geographical indication, and been exported to many fastidious markets.

In addition, thieu lychees there have eye-catching packaging, attractive to consumers.

“I think main-crop Thanh Ha thieu lychees have the best quality among all kinds of lychees,” said Tien.

Many experts highly appreciate the outstanding quality of Thanh Ha thieu lychees

VietGAP has been applied to the entire 1,700 ha of main-crop thieu lychees in Thanh Ha district. There are specific monitoring diaries for all lychee regions meeting standards for export to the US and EU with no residues of pesticides left upon harvest.

As for lychees outside export regions, locals stop spraying pesticides 15 days before harvest to ensure food hygiene and safety.

According to the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, by June 20, farmers had harvested more than 1,000 tons of main-crop thieu lychees.

In 2007, the Ministry of Science and Technology granted the geographical indication to Thanh Ha thieu lychees, the highest level of protection with indefinite validity.

Since then, Thanh Ha thieu lychees have been protected, ensuring the interests of growers and consumers, increasing value, and making it easier to manage and improve product quality.

Thanh Ha thieu lychee was elected as one of 50 prestigious quality products by the Vietnam Standards and Quality Association in 2012 and one of 10 prestigious quality products and quintessential specialties of three regions in 2013 and 2014, honoured to be given Golden Brand and Impressive Logo and Slogan awards in 2015, and granted the Reliable and Safe Food Brand certificate by the Vietnam Food Safety Association in 2016.

To build a sustainable Thanh Ha thieu lychee brand, the district authorities have also oriented people to do farming organically without using chemical drugs. The model is being implemented on 3 ha in Thanh Khe and Thanh Thuy communes.

Thanh Ha thieu lychee has been granted growing area codes and a traceability stamp and become a famous specialty at home and abroad.

Hai Duong is proposing the recognition of thieu lychee to meet five-star OCOP standard to improve its value.



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