Provincial Social Security actively supports businesses, employees

MONDAY, 13/09/2021 16:23:35

Thanks to quick participation of the Social Security of Hai Duong province, many businesses have been supported following the Government's Resolution 68.

Some businesses are excited to receive timely support under Resolution 68 to overcome difficulties (illustrative image)

Due to the impact of Covid-19, Huy Hoang Export Garments Co., Ltd. in Le Loi commune, Chi Linh, encountered a lot of difficulties in production. Goods could not be exported, limiting capital for the enterprise to maintain production.

In the midst of accumulated difficulties, the firm was entitled to suspension of the payment of over VND200 million to pension and death benefit funds by the provincial Social Security. The unit used the money to pay workers' salary and other expenses.

Also operating in the garment sector, Shints BVT Co., Ltd. in Hai Duong city was eligible to reduce payment of insurance for occupational accidents and diseases by VND70 million/ month pursuant to Resolution 68.

In the face of consequences of Covid-19, defining the Government's policies as the motivation for businesses to overcome difficulties and continue production, the provincial Social Security quickly stepped in.

On July 10, 2021, the unit issued Official Dispatch 1040/BHXH-QLT to realize the Government's Resolution 68/NQ-CP, the Prime Minister's Decision 23/QD-TTg, as well as plans of the Vietnam Social Security and the provincial People's Committee on policies to support employees and employers affected by Covid-19.

The dispatch provides specific and detailed instructions on subjects, time, documents, procedures, etc. for businesses and employers.

Makalot Garments Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Thanh Ha is entitled to a reduction in insurance for occupational accidents and diseases under Resolution 68

For enterprises to better understand the benefits and conditions to enjoy support, the provincial Social Security posted questions and answers related to regimes and policies to assist employees and employers facing difficulties on its website.

The unit assigned leaders and officials to proactively contact businesses to guide and urge the implementation of policies related to support packages, handle dossiers of enterprises within a working day after reception if they are complete or return them with instructions on completion in case of lack.

The provincial Social Security simplified administrative procedures, promoted the application of information technology, limited contact, and avoided spreading, suitable to complicated developments of the epidemic.

The provincial Social Security has so far helped 299 employees of two enterprises suspend the payment of more than VND1.5 billion to pension and death benefit funds for 3 – 6 months and 336,150 employees of 6,586 units pay less insurance for occupational accidents and diseases with a total amount of over VND92.7 billion, confirmed lists of 33 employees and four units borrowing more than VND111 million to pay salary for stoppage and 405 employees of two units borrowing over VND1.7 billion to pay wages for production restoration, etc. 

According to the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs, because of Covid-19, to date, 45 enterprises with 51,384 employees in the province have reported on impacts, including 38,175 laborers stopping working for a definite time, 39 people terminating their labor contracts, 34 people suspending their labor contracts, and 114 businesses dissolving.

The amount of money given to enterprises is insignificant but very precious at this difficult time, a friend in need is really a friend indeed.

From that support, the businesses will face fewer difficulties, have motivation to maintain production, and hope that the epidemic will soon be controlled for all activities to return to normal.



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