Getting ready to export longan to US, Australia

THURSDAY, 23/07/2020 16:22:23

Following the success of the lychee crop, people, enterprises, and specialized agencies are actively preparing to export longan to the US, Australia, Singapore, etc.

A professional official gives advice to a grower on a longan care process following VietGAP standard


Hai Duong has about 1,000 ha of longan, concentrated in Chi Linh city, with the yield in 2020 estimated at 5,000 tons.

Though longan is not one of staple plants of the province, in recent years, all-level authorities and sectors have paid attention to developing longan cultivation in VietGAP direction.

This year, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has chosen four export longan regions following this standard in the communes and wards of Le Loi, Hoang Hoa Tham, Hoang Tien, and Hoang Tan in Chi Linh city with an area of nearly 60 ha.

The opportunity for Hai Duong longan to be sold to fastidious markets is very positive.
Red Dragon Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh city has identified itself with Hai Duong for years in lychee export and accompanied longan growers in Chi Linh this year to access large markets.

"Hai Duong longan fully meets export requirements. We have sent samples to foreign partners and initially reached an agreement. It is expected that at the end of July, our company will purchase and export the first batch of longan. We pledge to buy longan at a reasonable price and ensure farmers' interests," said Mai Xuan Thin, director of the business.

Ameii Vietnam JSC. in Ha Noi is also studying the purchase of longan in Chi Linh city for export. Having experience in export of Thanh Ha thieu lychee, so the enterprise is confident of successfully exporting Chi Linh longan.

It has surveyed a number of longan gardens in Hoang Tan and Hoang Tien wards and made a procurement plan.

According to initial assessment of the Post-import Plant Quarantine Center I under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the four export longan cultivation regions in Hai Duong basically qualify for issuance of identification codes.

After region code granting, specialized units will control and manage production, product quality, and preservation in the process of circulation in the market. This is the first requirement to export fresh fruits to fastidious markets.

The center has taken leaf and fruit samples to verify and attest longan gardens ensuring quality to facilitate the purchase of businesses.

Proactive growers

The positive signals of the consumer market have made longan growers excited and take the initiative in care following standards in the sprint stage for favorable export of longan.

Nguyen Van Phu's family in An Mo hamlet, Le Loi commune, has 1 ha of longan. Having applied VietGAP production process for four years, so Phu is very happy to know his family's longan is on the purchase list for export. The nearer the harvest time is, the more careful he is about attention.

"Previously, I sold longan to traders, so prices were precarious and devaluation often occurred despite bumper crops. Now I must seize this export opportunity. I have seriously followed instructions of specialized agencies with the hope that there will be a bumper crop of longan this year without devaluation like before," said Phu.

Being highly appreciated by enterprises for quality and appearance after actual checking, Nguyen Van Vien's family in Tan Tien residential area, Hoang Tien ward, is also caring to achieve the most delicious and sweetest longan at the time of harvest.

Vien's family has 2 ha of longan with more than 1,000 trees of two varieties, early and Mien Thiet longan, and a yield of about 30 tons.

Early longan will be harvested at the beginning of August, so Vien has stopped spraying plant protection products to guarantee isolation time.

Meanwhile, Mien Thiet longan will be harvested in mid-August, so Vien has coordinated with the VietGAP certification unit to closely monitor pestilent insects for timely handling.

According to Luong Thi Kiem, Head of the provincial Plant Protection Sub-department, quarantine is an important stage in exporting agricultural products.

The sub-department has assigned professional staff to intensify inspection and supervision in the export longan cultivation regions and guide farmers on how to use correct types and doses of plant protection products to meet the regulations of each market.

Longan will be harvested mainly from August 10 – 30; therefore, all work is being done urgently.

In case of success, this will be the first year Hai Duong exports longan to fastidious markets. Thus, the provincial longan will no longer depend much on the traditional market of China and its value will be enhanced.



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