20 ha of longan in Chi Linh granted VietGAP certificates

WEDNESDAY, 15/08/2018 08:49:22

NHO NHO Technology Co., Ltd. (Can Tho) has granted VietGAP certificates to 20 ha of longan in Hoang Tien commune and Hoang Tan ward (Chi Linh provincial town).

Earlier, the unit supervised and verified the longan care process of farmers in six months.

This is the first year Chi Linh farmers have grown longan in accordance with VietGAP standards.

The families having longan areas meeting VietGAP standards will be given packaging and stamps for product identification and sale facilitation.

There are 750 ha of longan in Chi Linh, concentrated in the wards of Hoang Tan, Hoang Tien, Bac An, and Ben Tam.

The provincial town People's Committee is completing procedures to develop a collective trademark for Chi Linh longan.

It is expected that by the end of this year, Chi Linh longan will have been granted a collective trademark certificate.



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