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Hai Duong city’s Bach Dang pedestrian, night market zone from cultural perspective

SATURDAY, 25/03/2023 16:05:34

Bach Dang pedestrian and night market zone is expected to be a highlight of Hai Duong city that will bring much value to the 1st-class urban area.

The pedestrian and night market zone will be organized around the Bach Dang river

The pedestrian and night market zone covers Thong Nhat Square, Bach Dang street’s riverside section from Bui Thi Xuan street to Hong Quang bridge, Bui Thi Xuan street’s section from Bach Dang street to the provincial Gymnasium, Chuong Duong street’s section from Hong Quang bridge to the provincial Gymnasium, and Nguyen Hai Thanh street.

The site was part of Thanh Dong (former name of Hai Duong city). The Sat river branched upon arrival there, one of which went deep into the city and was called Bach Dang river.

After Thanh Dong’s establishment, workers everywhere came to settle down by the river and do business to meet the essential needs of local mandarins and soldiers.

A residential center named Dong Kieu street was gradually formed from Thong Nhat Square to Tam Giang street, with busy craft streets like Hang Dong, Hang Loc, and Hang Bac.

In the 1920s, the French rebuilt Thanh Dong and constructed works facing the Bach Dang river.

The urban space of Hai Duong city through later historical periods also revolved around the river section for convenient travel and trade, serving economic development and political requirements.

Up to now, it has been chosen as the venue of the pedestrian and night market zone to meet people’s demands for experience and enjoyment.

The venue is a prime location of Hai Duong city, the busiest place of the ancient Thanh Dong, said historian Pham Quy Mui, adding that the organization of the pedestrian and night market zone is meaningful, affirming the permanence of old values.

Historian Pham Quy Mui said the pedestrian and night market zone was once the center of the ancient Thanh Dong

Hai Duong city will pilot the pedestrian and night market zone to create cultural, tourism, commercial, and culinary activities in the area, thereby forming cultural space and contributing to stimulating demands for shopping and consumption, bringing about socio-economic development benefits for the city.

The pedestrian and night market zone will be not only an entertainment venue but also the pride of Thanh Dong people.

To realize the goal, the city authorities are urgently making preparations to open the zone every Saturday and Sunday, starting from the upcoming holidays on April 30 and May 1.

An artistic lighting system will be installed on the river, mobile booths will be arranged with the direction of building a food zone on Nguyen Hai Thanh street, and folk games will be organized along with trendy entertainment activities to create a harmony of tradition and modernity.

Priority will be given to selling novel and attractive OCOP products bearing regional characteristics there.

Many Hai Duong citizens are counting down to the opening day.

Nguyen Thi Que in Tran Binh Trong street heard about the pedestrian and night market zone through the mass media.

She believed that the zone would contribute to improving people’s spiritual life and satisfying their entertainment needs together as living conditions get better and better.

“Commercialization should go hand in hand with promotion of long-standing cultural and historical values for each person to be proud when joining others in the pedestrian and night market zone,” suggested Que.



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