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Con Son - Kiep Bac bustling with festival

TUESDAY, 06/09/2022 14:18:08

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's Con Son - Kiep Bac Autumn Festival has been re-organized with all rituals, promising an attractive festive season.

People from everywhere flock to Con Son - Kiep Bac before the festival to go sightseeing and pay respects to the ancestors who defended the country

Festive atmosphere revives

The festival is awaited by numerous locals and visitors and even more meaningful since Con Son - Kiep Bac special national relic site is on the way to becoming part of the world cultural heritage.

Head of the Management Board of Con Son-Kiep Bac Relics Nguyen Thi Thuy Lien believed that this year's festival would welcome a large number of visitors after the two-year hiatus because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so preparations were early made in detail.

The management board improved the environment and planted flowers in the precincts of both Con Son and Kiep Bac relics to create green, clean, and beautiful landscapes.

Shops and restaurants at both relics were neatly arranged, ending the previous disorder.

The unit mobilized Youth Union members and youngsters to clean Con Son pagoda and the paths to Ban Co Tien (Fairy Chessboard) and Ngu Nhac mountain, fish waste out of Ban Nguyet and Kiep Bac lakes, etc.

"Visitors who have been to Con Son-Kiep Bac will definitely feel satisfied and be immersed in the green, clean, and beautiful nature this time. During the festival, special attention will be paid to ensuring environmental hygiene to leave a good impression on locals and tourists," said Thuy Lien.

The Organizing Board of the Con Son - Kiep Bac Autumn Festival has required relevant departments, sectors, and local authorities to focus on organizing a solemn and proper festival and raise the value of the relics, especially when a dossier requesting the UNESCO's recognition of Yen Tu – Vinh Nghiem – Con Son - Kiep Bac complex of monuments and landscapes to be part of the world heritage is being perfected.

Heritage honoring

With a harmonious natural landscape, Kiep Bac is a place many tourists choose to visit every festive season

The traditional Con Son - Kiep Bac autumn and spring festivals are major festivals of Hai Duong as well as the whole country that have been recognized as part of the national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

This year's autumn festival continues to honor the Tran dynasty in the cause of defending the fatherland and is an occasion to popularize outstanding global cultural heritage values of the relic site in the progress of Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, and Bac Giang provinces' completion of the dossier to be submitted to the UNESCO for the world heritage recognition.

According to Deputy Head of the Management Board of Con Son - Kiep Bac Relics Le Duy Manh, in the 14th century, King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong chose the Northeast bow to build the first worshipping establishments of the Truc Lam Zen, such as Yen Tu, Ho Thien, Ngoa Van, Quynh Lam, Thanh Mai, Con Son, Kiep Bac, and Vinh Nghiem.

In that particular cultural and religious space, Con Son - Kiep Bac relic site had a very important position as a bridge between Thang Long capital and Truc Lam Yen Tu sanctuary.

From there, the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen developed and spread throughout the Northern delta and midland, greatly influencing the spiritual life of Vietnamese communities.

Kiep Bac has long been a center of belief, and Tran Hung Dao has become a saint in the folk consciousness.

Con Son is an ancestral place of Truc Lam Zen, a sect with the idea of national self-reliance. The Zen's patriarchs are also typical historical and cultural figures of the nation.

Moreover, this relic is associated with the family of Nguyen Trai, whose maternal grandfather, father, and mother were Minister over the Masses Tran Nguyen Dan, Nguyen Phi Khanh, and Tran Thi Thai, respectively.

Con Son - Kiep Bac festivals have become indispensable cultural customs in the nation's spiritual life.
This year's autumn festival is taking place from September 5 – 15 (i.e. the 10th – 20th day of the 8th lunar month), including three main ceremonies: the 580th death anniversary of National Hero, World Cultural Celebrity Nguyen Trai (September 11), seal opening and seal mark granting (September 11), and the 722nd death anniversary of Hung Dao Great Lord Tran Quoc Tuan (September 12).

Especially, within the framework of the festival, the first Kiep Bac Culture and Tourism Week will be held (starting from September 11).

In addition, tourists will witness an army festival re-enacting Dong A's spirit on the Luc Dau river, where the army and people of the Tran dynasty repelled Mongol invaders and firmly defended the country in the old days.


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